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1914 Ford T Touring

1914 Ford T Touring

Click photo to enlarge

This 1914 Ford T is an interesting piece of history, with great vintage advertising for Jim's Delivery Service

Would be great restored with original paint, or maybe used as a prop

Complete, but needing full restoration

Title in hand and just $5,000 or best offer

Text or email for all the details

Sold on 4/27/2022

   Costa Mesa, CA

1913 Oregon license plates

1913 Oregon license plates

Click photo to enlarge

Oiginal 1913 Oregon license plates (pair)

This is an extraordinarily rare set of 1913 Oregon license plates, which feature a uniquely rare registration number 13

Sold on 4/25/2022

   Boring, OR

1931 Deluxe Ford Roadster

1931 Deluxe Ford Roadster

Click photo for MORE Photos

5 new tires

new powder coating on 6 wheels

new paint/ this car is a driver

includes all side curtains

turn signals

car cover

holly carb

Sold on 4/4/2022

   Turlock, Calif

1907 International Model A

1907 International Model A

Click photo for MORE Photos

Offered here is a very original 1907 Model A International that is an early air cooled example in wonderful condition

Still retaining its original body, wheels and twin cylinder engine that is in great running and driving condition. This was displayed and a part of the Tupelo Automobile Museum in Tupelo, Mississippi for many years

Upon our acquisition of the car, we cleaned the fuel system and checked it out mechanically and it runs and drives great! It wears a bit of an older restoration, but it shows very well and has the perfect amount of age that looks just right

If you are looking for a fun early high wheeler, this very original 1907 Model A International would certainly be a lot of fun to own and enjoy for just $32,500.

Sold in a week on 4/1/2022

   Orange, CT

Pair of Gray & Davis "bulletback" headlites Restored

Pair of Gray & Davis "bulletback" headlites Restored

Click photo for MORE Photos

A fully restored pair of early Gray & Davis headlights. Circa 1905

These are in excellent condition with new mirrors, lens, and new silver platerd reflectors

READY for your car.

  • Painted black inside and have nice Y pipes installed
  • Front lens is approx. 8 inches and overall length is 10 inches
  • Mounting bracket holes are 9 inches
These are the LAST ones I have. Price: $5,000. Free Shipping USA

Sold in 2 days on HCCA.org 3-24-2022

   Loveland, CO.

Four 27" Demountable Detachable 5" Wide Rims and Lock Rings $1,200

Four 27" Demountable Detachable 5" Wide Rims and Lock Rings $1,200

Click photo for MORE Photos

Four 27" Kelsey Hayes - Stanweld Demountable Detachable 5" Wide Rims and Lock Rings $1,200

These rims and lock rings have been bead blasted and primed.  They are very solid and in very nice restored condition.

These wheels can be delivered free of charge to the Tulare meet in April

Sold in Hours on HCCA.org 3-15-2022

   Chico, CA

Early 3 speed transmission with drive shaft

Early 3 speed transmission with drive shaft

Click photo for MORE Photos

3 speed. Looks to be in good original condition and complete. With correct drive shaft or your choice of 2 other drive shafts to pick from.

B-T-K  Mfg by AUTO parts mfg co. Muncie Ind.

Used by many automobile companies. Inquire

Sold on 3/12/2022

   Minden, NV

Mezger Brass windshield, 3 drive shafts, water pump, rare bumper brackets

Mezger Brass windshield, 3 drive shafts, water pump, rare bumper brackets

Click photo for MORE Photos

  • original compleate Mezger automatic windshield, rods, hinges with new brass frame and brass glass inserts, 25 1/2" high, 44" wide, 55 3/4" adj. rods. keep orginal or easy finish restore.
  • Pair Rare, early accessory ft. frame horn bumper brackets 12' long, 1 3/8" dia. hole. Fits many cars...I tried them on mine!
  • 3 early drive shafts all for
  • Water pump don't know what for before modification
  • Pair early fender brackets

Sold on 3/11/2022

   Minden, NV

Pierce Arrow Brass Water Pumps

Pierce Arrow Brass Water Pumps

Click photo for MORE Photos

  1. Pierce Great Arrow? Water Pump $350 Sold in days on HCCA.org 3/8/2022
    I purchased this pump in a large lot of parts and was told that it was from an early Pierce Great Arrow.� The inlet and outlet appear to be 1 1/2" pipe thread
    The housing has been skillfully repaired with silver solder
    The impeller is in great condition
    This pump should only require packing to be ready for use.� If you have questions about dimensions etc, please ask
  2. Pierce Arrow Brass Water Pump $200 Sold in days on HCCA.org 3/8/2022

If you have questions, please ask

   Chico, CA

1925 Buick Roadster

1925 Buick Roadster

Click photo for MORE Photos

1925 Buick Roadster with California top.

Engine, brakes, clutch, wheels, top, interior all in good shape.

New tires

Drive anywhere

Located in sunny Florida

$19,000 OBO

Sold on 3-6-2022

   Monticello, ME

Early Pierce Arrow Original Tail Light $300

Early Pierce Arrow Original Tail Light $300

Click photo for MORE Photos

This light, although not complete, is very difficult to find and is restorable
  • Housing is 6" long
  • cInterior reflector is missing
  • Interior reflector iSmall lens and bezel which attach to the end opposite the electrical connector are missing
  • Threads that the bezel screws into are in very good condition
  • Solid brass housing is basically free of dents with two cracks located at opposite ends where the light attaches
  •  Large red lens is in very good condition for it's age
  •  Red lens housing is original and has no dents or cracks

Sold in a WEEK 2/22/2022

   Chico, CA

Warner Auto-Meter Speedometer and Clock $1,800

Warner Auto-Meter Speedometer and Clock $1,800

Click photo for MORE Photos

Warner Auto-Meter Model K speedometer and clock with key, 1910-1912

The speedometer and clock include lightbulbs and wiring. This assembly is the highest quality offered in its day. Everything is in exceptional original condition

This piece needs only a light polishing to be ready for use

The speedometer lens has one small flea bite chip and some light scratches

Sold in Under 1 Week on 2/22/2022

   Chico, CA

1913 Case five Passenger Touring

1913 Case five Passenger Touring

Click photo to enlarge

4 CYL. 40+ H.P. T Head, engine. Built by the famed Case Tractor Co. in Racine Wis after the purchase of Pierce-Racine, in 1910

This is a Quality, well-engineered and built car:

  • Excellent Paint, Top, wheels, and Chassis
  • Runs, Drives, Shifts, Clutches nicely with its original starter
  • 27" Detachable Rims on solid wheels and riding on fresh tires
  • Incredible, Original, Leather Upholstery

This Car has seen nothing, but Care for over 109Years.
Just in CASE!!! I amasking $149,000

Sold in Hours on HCCA.org 2-19-2022

   S.E. Bolivia, NC

1912 Studebaker EMF 30 Touring Car A.A.C.A Cup Winner Hershey

1912 Studebaker EMF 30 Touring Car A.A.C.A Cup Winner Hershey

Click photo for MORE Photos

This Studebaked underwent an exhaustive ground up restoration, completed in 2000.  Meticulously maintained and stored in heated space since completion.

Arguably, one of the best, most complete, and authentic restorations of an E.M.F. This was a labor of love, no-cost-spared restoration, including blue printing of the engine.

Awards: A.A.C.A. Grand National A.A.C.A. Cup Eastern Division at Hershey, First Place (400 points) by the Studebaker Drivers Club at South Bend

The car was driven on several week-long H.C.C.A touring events and is a most reliable driving car. Great article on current day cross country EMF tour in July-August 2019 of the Gazette

Offered at $65,000

Sold in ONE DAY on HCCA.org 2/18/2022. Due to weather, delivery took some time. Thanks HCCA

   Saint Paul, MN

Giant Hinged Radiator Cap With 12" Wings and Motometer $350

Giant Hinged Radiator Cap With 12" Wings and Motometer $350

Click photo for MORE Photos

This radiator cap is solid brass with nickel plating

Overall this is in excellent unrestored condition.  The hinged base to which the motometer is attached is die cast and the die cast metal is very solid with no cracks

The hinge and bale all work properly and are not damaged

There is an "S" logo on the front. Perhaps the "S" stood for Sterns, Simplex, Stutz or Seagraves

This is the largest wing width ever offered and one of the only two that I have ever found. The OD of the threads appears to be 2.5" at 16 TPI.

   Chico, CA

1912 Stoddard-Dayton Saybrook Chassis

1912 Stoddard-Dayton Saybrook Chassis

Click photo for MORE Photos

1912 Stoddard-Dayton Saybrook 48 Chassis:

  • 122" wheelbase
  • Very solid frame
  • No rust holes or pits
  • Bends, all things considered it's in pretty good shape
You can still see some of the original paint on the front axle. The frame was found on a farm in Brawley CA and appears to have been used as a wagon. It's pretty complete from the front axle to the rear is 3/4 elliptical springs

The rear end is a housing only no axles or gears, but it does have the rear brakes and brake rods

Lots of little items like grease caps, data plate, high head bolts, correct Stoddard-Dayton wheel hubs

Email me for more photos and we can deliver to the Tulare Swap Meet this April if you're going. Asking $2,000

Sold on 2-14-2022

   San Diego, CA

1915 Dort, Model Five, 5 Passenger Touring

The rare 1915 Model 5 was the car first produced in Flint, Michigan by the Dort Motor Car Co. They shipped 9,000 cars that first year and 107,000 cars altogether by 1924 when Josiah Dort died. This is one of only three known to exist today. One is in the Nethercutt Collection, Sylmar, CA. This is Car #8288, Motor #DU9367

Complete frame-up restoration in 1982 with all new wood, upholstery, top & side curtains

Original book of instructions, owner’s manual & restoration scrapbook

Mostly garaged since 1988. Extra parts, vintage clothing & onboard tools

Lycoming L-head 2.7 liter 4 cylinder, 18 hp

Good shape for an older restoration 

Starts and runs great. Been in parades & car shows. Ready to tour

Asking $24,500

Sold On HCCA.org

   Nipomo, CA

1905 Maxwell L Tourabout

1905 Maxwell L Tourabout

Click photo for MORE Photos

A nice, unrestored 1905 Maxwell Model L "Tourabout" roadster. Car is complete except for seat cushion & back.

  • Chassis & body straight and undamaged
  • No top or headlamps, as they were options
  • Engine complete and free; has compression
  • New hood parts
  • Professionally rebuilt coil box, radiator, carburetor
  • Repro step plates. Transmission, differential, axles, wheels all look good
  • Extra cylinders included
  • Lots of literature and photos
I've had this car about 10 years and it's ready for restoration. Need space, so I must sell. Stored in heated garage. Go here for more photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Fn98UAN7sKgkK7cJ9

Take it home for just $15,500

Sold in 3 Days 1-27-2022. Thanks HCCA

   West Chester, PA

1909 Buick Model 10 In Remarkably Great Condition Project Car

1909 Buick Model 10 In Remarkably Great Condition Project Car

Click photo to enlarge

I purchased it as a project car in remarkably great condition and have invested tremendous time and money into the mechanical components.

I must move on to a running car for now as I have a busy career.

I cannot stress enough how solid this car is! The car was purchased with engine and transmission out and in parts from previous owner. I had all the machine work done.Front wheels are off as they were fitted with roller bearings.  Car is on a dolly and wheels I made and rolls around.

I will write up an extensive list of work done with photos soon and then repost.
I'll list out all the items that I know of that still need work too.
Lots of stuff done on this car.

Sold in ONE Day on HCCA.org 1-12-2022

   Emeryville, CA

Gray and Davis #15 Taillight, E&J Sidelight and Victor Acetylene Taillight

Gray and Davis #15 Taillight, E&J Sidelight and Victor Acetylene Taillight

Click photo to enlarge

  • A very nice all brass Gray and Davis #15 tail light for early Cadillacs and other cars. Complete with mounting and license brackets. An extremely nice and scarce tailight in great original condition with burner, good lenses and excellent  brass. $ 500

  • An E&J Pat 1908 all brass side light with bracket. No burner but otherwise a very nice original light. $ 225

  • A scarce Victor #461 tail light to be used with carbide/acetylene gas. Excellent original condition with gas burner, elbow connector, excellent lenses, etc. $ 225
  • Please call or email for additional photos and more information

    All Sold on HCCA.org

    1913 Ford High Performance Speedster w/ Rajo, Buffaloes, KC Warford, Rockys

    1913 Ford High Performance Speedster w/ Rajo, Buffaloes, KC Warford, Rockys

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    New Radiator – Brassworks, 

    Rojo C” head resurfaced.

    New rocker arms, Chevrolet valves pushrods, etc. Engine rebuilt, bored and sleaved with new aluminum pistons, rods with dippers,

    Ruckstall axle with Warford transmission and overdrive, Rocky mountain brakes, oval gas tank, 20 Buffalo wire wheels – refurbished, 

    12 volt electronic ignition with rebuilt starter and generator, new water and fuel pumps.

    More photos on this MTFCA Forum: https://www.mtfca.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php? Located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Title in hand. $14,500 firm.

    Sold in One Day on HCCA.org 12-30-2021

       Sausalito, CA

    Two Early Brass Carburetors

    Two early all brass carburetors - Not rebuilt but both appear complete. $150 each plus shipping

    Sold in One Day on HCCA.org 12/27/2021

       Loveland, CO.

    1915 Stevens-Duryea 5 Passenger Touring (Model D-Six)

    A large, expensive ($4,500 new) brass touring car that is one of 3 remaining 1915 Five Passenger cars

    A San Diego car from new for over 100 years - first registered by Charles Chase in 1915. Found and restored by John Ogden (HCCA President in 1964) in the late 1940’s. I purchased it from John’s grandson in 2016.

    • First year left hand drive, electric starter/generator
    • Six cylinder, 496 ci “L” head engine (46 hp), dual ignition
    • 131” wheelbase, 27” wheels

    Running, older restoration needing only a few minor things to be toured and enjoyed.

    Additional features:

    • New oil pan, new spark plug ports, new wood steering wheel
    • Qualifies as a HCCA period car and is a designated CCCA “Classic”
    $55,000 obo – motivated to sell by year end

    Sold on 12-22-2021

       Waxhaw, NC

    1922 Wills St Claire Model A-68 Rumble-Seat Roadster

    Restored in the 90’s in SoCal, the motor was overhauled in 2010 by Tom Leib in Los Angeles. Runs great, will need the new manifold installed (new 15K part is included)

    Interior upholstery and rumble seat excellent.

    This car is the same model as the one restored by Jay Leno, hear the V8 run: https://www.youtube.com

    Take it to the 100 year anniversary Wills Sainte Claire event!    https://www.willsautomuseum.org/nationalwillsmeet2022.htm

    See additional info on this same color and model car: https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/22530/lot/127/

    $103,000 Reasonable offers considered.

    Sold on 12-16-2021

       Gonzales, CA

    1910 Parry Model 40

    This 1910 Model 40 Parry, 5-passenger touring.  Unrestored and original.  ONLY surviving 1910 model year vehicle:

    • Car No. 228
    • Built in Oct-Nov 1909
    • Former Harrah's collection
    • Engine rebuilt with new counter-balanced crankshaft, aluminum pistons, hardened valves
    • New bearings in transmission
    I have owned and toured the car extensively since 2005. Car will run at 40-45 mph and is a great hill-climber.  I am selling because I have sold my home to spend more time teaching in Tanzania, Africa.  I have extensive literature and photographs and history of the car as well as a few extra parts that I have found over the years

    This is a 40 hp, open front, long-wheelbase car that looks good and drives strong:  $45,000

    Sold on 12-14-2021

       Newbury Park, CA

    1902 Geneva Runabout Steam Car

    1901 Geneva Steam Car, model A, serial number 153. This is a very complete, original car formerly part of the collection at The Henry Ford

    Even the gages are script Geneva. Likely the only remaining example of a Geneva steam car

    Spare engine included. $35,000 OBO.

    Contact Bob for more information

    Sold quick on 12/12/2021

       Wadsworth, OH

    1927 Willys Knight Great 6

    The Willys Knight Great 6, this model 66A was top of the line in 1927. The sleeve valve engine starts instantly, has great oil pressure, and doesn’t smoke.  A long list of mechanical repairs have been done:

    • Radiator cleaned
    • Rebuilt starter and generator
    • Carter BB2 carb
    • 5 new inner tubes
    • Brakes
    • New Optima battery
    • Stainless steel door and window handles.

    Eirther keep it as a survivor or restore for an amazing clissic.

    Call or emaill for more picture and information

    Price $12,000 or best offer

    Sold on 12-10-2021

       Fort Worth, TX

    1910/1911 Pierce-Solar kerosene lamps

    Solar-Pierce kerosene lamps in solid unrestored condition, no noticable cracks

    I can provide additional photos and answer questions, $1,500 / offer plus shipping, thank you

    Sold in a Day on HCCA.org 12-7-2021

       Portland, OR

    1928 Buick 24 Sport Roadster (Very Rare- Bill Ellis restoration)

    For your consideration:

    An award (15+) winning fully restored 1928 Buick 24 Sport Roadster with provenance in abundance

    Only 6 owners and documentation of each (photo and print) I have information leading back to the very first owner and each subsequent

    Magazine articles, newspaper clippings and calendar features are all included in the sale

    • New clutch assy
    • All lights function
    • All gauges work except gas gauge

    Many more photos and documents

    Asking a modest $65,500 OBO

    Historically accurate restoration in pristine condition and it runs and drives as new.

    Sold on 11-30-2021

       Eugene, OR

    1912 Cadillac Model 30

    This 1912 Cadillac Model 30 enjoyed a Restoration completed 5 years ago. Started with a 100% complete in amazing shape Car that was parked in 1926 and purchased from original owners family.

    • Interior and top exact copy of the original and has cloth Cadillac tag on the top.
    • Original front bumper
    • 5 extra new tires and more

    Only about 20 miles on it since completion, due to health issues.

    Priced at $38,000 usd

    Sold on 11-08-2021

       Rocky View County, Canada

    1914 Oldsmobile Model 42

    Our 1914 Oldsmobile Model 42 is a five-passenger touring car that comes from the model’s first year of production and is finished in black and red with a black top and interior

    Power is provided by a 192ci overhead-valve, inline-four paired with a three-speed manual transmission. Additional equipment includes:

    1. Factory electric starter
    2. Artillery-style wheels
    3. Stewart speedometer
    4. Rear wheel brakes

    The fuel system was serviced, the oil pump adjusted, and the six-volt battery replaced. The old gal runs and drives well. An old repaint shows great as does the interior. We know of only two remaining at this time. More photos upon request ... Take it home for just $22,500

    Sold on 11-13-2021

       Dorset, VT

    1914 Hupmobile Model 32 Touring

    1914 Model 32 Hupmobile. Nice powerful nickel era car. This is an older professional ground up restoration of a solid original car. Everything is correct down to the twist grease cups. Has factory electric starter and lights. Wheels and tires are in excellent shape.

    Paint shows its age but is very presentable. Interior looks like it was installed yesterday. Very detailed door panels. Has a Hupmobile motormeter. All lamps have Hupmobile logo.

    Only damage on the car is a tear in the center front on the top.(see picture). Has nickle aftermarket turn signals installed. They can be easily removed. Many more pictures available.

    Always kept in climate controlled garage. Last toured in 2018. Clear title.

    $18500 OBO.

    Sold on 10-28-2021

       Randolph, MN

    Pre 1910 Brass Speedster Project

    Pre 1910 Brass speedster project, includes well-built body with gas tank and mother-in law seat over trunk. Further includes four fenders, hood, brass windshield (glass broken, brass frame bent some), headlight forks, and miscellaneous parts. Front seat not included. Nice 26" wood wheels available for extra cost

    This body was mounted on a 1907-9 Thomas Flyer chassis for many years and then replaced by a new Flyabout body in the early 2000’s.

    Could make a wonderful early brass speedster. $4,500, wheels $1,000 extra.

    This will be at Hershey at RCD 38-40 unless sold before 3 Oct.

    Sold on HCCA.org & picked up at Hershey 10-8-2021

       Fairview Heights., IL

    1910 Maxwell Aa Sportabout

    Older restoration with:

    • New wheels and tires
    • Rebuilt engine and trans with new jugs
    • All the right brass and all in good condition
    Three factory accessories:
    • Windshield
    • Headlights
    • Top with side curtains
    Includes starter-generator for easy starting. Asking $32,500in USA funds. This Maxwell is in Michigan

    Sold on 10-25-2021

    Contact: Rodney Dotten
       Madison Hgts, MI

    Four Jaxon 25" wood wheels, excellent condition

    Set of four Jaxon 25” wood wheels, made by Jaxon Steel Products Co of Jackson, Michigan.  Completely intact and nice set of wood wheels, including:

    1. Rear brake drums
    2. Front inner bearings and seal
    3. and 6 Jaxon rim wedges
    These wheels are very nice and will need very little to prepare for paint and mount on your spindles and axles. Width of rim is 1 ¾". No rot. Asking $1,000 for all.

    This will be at Hershey at RCD 38-40 unless sold before 3 Oct.

    Sold on HCCA.org & picked up at Hershey 10-8-2021

       Fairview Heights., IL

    Early Right Hand Drive Steering Column, 1907 Reo? $850

    Early Right Hand Drive Steering Column, 1907 Reo? $850.00

    This column is in extra fine restored contition.  Well over 50 hours of work invested in restoration.  Upper and middle shaft and bushings have been machined. The gearbox is in awesome original condition.  The cost of this restoration work would easily exceed the cost of the column

    Sold on 11-28-2021

    1914 Ford "T" Truck

    This fun little "T" has been a truck for many years, it has an after market pick-up bed that seems to have been installed soon after the vehicle was new.

    The engine is an 1926 with a starter, can be real convenient.  The rear end is not 1914

    Front and rear original fold down seats, the rear seat is removable to use the entire cargo area. Side and tail lamps are kerosene and the headlamps have a prestolite gas tank, lamps are all Victor. Fold back 1914 windshield on cherry firewall

    You can check out this vehicle, in Ohio, on your way to or back from Hershey

    Will be glad to furnish email photos at your specific request. 

    This truck has been a lot of fun!

    Asking $15,000

    Sold in hours on HCCA.org

       West Salem, OH

    Miscellaneous Early Auto Parts

    • Early brass and mahogany windshield frame, glass area 39-1/2" x 27", frame overall is 44"w. x 32"t.  $ 365
    • Splitdorf 2 cylinder coil box,  box made up, switch & fittings original,  no key. $125.00
    • Base mount brass carbide generator,  5-1/2 sq. & 13" t. no screen? $335.00

    • Pair, Solar nickel on brass,  electric & kerosene, No. 1133C, great condition. $500.00
    • Small double twist horn, age split inside bell, 6" long & 4-1/4" dia. bell. $35.00
    • Original case iron Neverout license plate bracket with tongue & post, dated 1911. $100.00
    I will consider offers, if you need more photos or measurements I will gladly email them to you. Packaging and shipping your cost.

    All Sold in Less Than ONE WEEK on 9-29-2021

       West Salem, OH

    Pair of Jump Seats

    Pair of jump seats. One has the mounting bracket.

    $175 for the pair plus shipping or can bring to Hershey Space RWL26

    Sold on 9-21-2021

       Shrewsbury, MA

    Reproduction 1903 Oldsmobile Carburetor - New

    This Carburetor was purchased from Wm. Olds & Sons Pty. Ltd. in Austrailia. It is brand new and has not been used

    This reproduction was purchased to fit a 1903 Oldsmobile. There is nothing wrong with the carb, the original carburetor was used in the project. That is the reason it is being sold

    If you need technical details on the carb,
    visit: http://www.olds.com.au/products/oldsmobile.html

    Offered at $ 500

    Sold in 3 days on HCCA.org 9/19/2021

       Vulcan, MI

    1913 Cadillac parts

    These items can possibly be delivered to Hershey

    Contact me for more details

    Sold on HCCA.org 9-16-2021

       Green Cove Springs, Fl.

    1915 Ford Roadster Pickup

    This 1915 ford includes:
    • 2 sets wheels and tires (wire spoke and wood spoke)
    • High compression head
    • Driver cam
    • large intake manifold
    • 2 sets ignition (conventional and electronic)
    • 12 volt battery with electronic voltage regulator
    • Electric starter
    • Ruxtel rear
    • Rocky mountain brakes
    • Deluxe top
    • Full set bad weather curtains
    • Built in tool box
    • Extra rear seat
    • 1915 California plate

    This car is not a trailer Queen but is an excelent tourer.

    Needs some tender loving care but runs great and can be your favorite tour car for $15,000 or best offer.

    Sold on 9-12-2021

       Lindsay, CA

    1927 Ford T Roadster, Very Nice New Restoration.

    Very low miles and ready for touring:

    • Starts easy
    • Transmission shifts correctly
    • Solid clean Chassis
    • Tires new
    • Correct, nice Radiator
    • Original hood
    A lot of car for $ 13,500 Trade??? will trade up for a 1930-31 A Roaster pickup

    Sold on 9-6-2021

       Redding Ct, Ct.

    1914 Touraine 6cyl. 61hp

    Chadwick was the foundation of this car built in Philadelphia, by two of the Chadwick boys

    Quality car throughout, cost.$3250

    Paint, Leather, Top, Tires, Wheels, Chassis, Engine, freshly done

    Came from Harrah`s in the 70s. have the Harrah research book

    This is a very nice, easy driving Quality tour car. LOTS of history, and detail

    Car is in the North West with Current Title, and full tank of gas

    Asking $124,900.00 TRADE CONSIDERED, O.B.O.

    Sold 8-30-2021


    1911 Ford Torpedo Open Runabout

    Beautiful little car.

    • Very few miles on a newly rebuilt engine
    • Rebuilt Coils
    • Professionally made top with side curtains.

    Asking $21,000

    Contact Marty Kuebler for more details

    Sold in 1 Week on 8-5-2021

       Windsor, CO

    NOS BF BFGoodrich 33X5 Blackwall Tires $150 Each 3 Available

    NOS BF Goodritch 33X5, fits on 23" rims Blackwall Tires $150 Each

    Best Quality, Brand new, No cracking or crazing.  Never been mounted. 

    3 Available

    Sold on 8-4-2021

       Chico, CA

    1910 EMF30

    This '10 EMF 30 was restored in 2010 and runs and drives great! The interior is in great shape

    2nd family to own this car. We have the original bank note for the purchase of this car new. Lots of documentation and photos of the restoration.

    We have lots of extra EMF parts and EMF memorabilia to go along with it.

    $38,000 obo located in Iowa

    Can text more pictures upon request.

    Sold on 08-01-2021

       Vincent, IA

    Pair of 1914 California Porcelain License Plates and Gas Oil Water Set Up

    Nice pair of 1914 California porcelain license plates and a Gas Oil Water running board set up

    There are a couple of small dents, no key for lock

    Call or Email for more picture and prices

    Sold on 7-28-2021

       north salt lake, UT

    Ajax spare tire trunk

    For Sale  A very nice original Ajax spare tire trunk

    It measures 9 1/4 deep by 24 inches tall

    All hardware is there including lock, but no key

    Very sound condition, the door flap needs to be reattached

    Call or email for more pictures.  $200 USD Plus shipping

    Sold on 7-27-2021

       North Salt Lake, UT

    Miller Master Brass Carburetor $650

    This Miller Master Carburetor has a nearly 1 3/4" bore.  The 3/8" mounting holes are 2 3/4" OC.

    This carburetor has been completely disassembled, and thoroughly cleaned. It is in excellent condition and will require no repair and little if any adjustment

    This is a very high performance, complex carburetor.  I doubt that any better is available

    Sold in under 1 Week on 7-22-2021

    1916 Model T Touring

    Older restoration of an original car. Still sports its original interior. Correct chassis down to the brass manhole spindle/tie rod oilers. Original engine rebuilt with a Stipe .280 cam, EE STD crank, light rods and a 26-27 flywheel/ring gear.

    All components including the driveshaft were balanced. Cruises comfortably at 35-40MPH. Dressed up as a 1915 with original E&J #8 and #9 lamps. Original 16 lamps go with the car. Body and splashaprons (they have the15-16 bulge) are original. Fenders are Rootlieb.

    Top and complete set of side curtains are 5 years old and in perfect condition.

    This is a great touring car. Plenty of power. Climbs hills like a billy goat!

    More pictures available. Go Touring for just $15,500

    Sold in a Week on 6-28-2021

    Show Quality Early 2 Cylinder National Coil box and coils

    Brand new early National 2 cylinder coilbox. This is a beautiful show quality reporducdtion box with correct period hardware. Box and  Finger joints are made like the original. Includes 3 completly new coils and points. All internal parts are are also new.

    Ready to bolt on your car.

    Have more pictures. Replacement coils are $495ea. Selling below cost.


    Sold in 3 days on 6-27-2021

       Randolph, MN

    1937 LaSalle 5019 Sedan

    Nice entry level antique car, good performer, cruises around 50-55 mph comfortably.  Usually the only LaSalle at a show.  Loves to climb hills, keeps up with traffic without effort

    Like any antique car, needs some adjustment/tinkering. 

    • 96,000 miles
    • Original interior
    • Older repaint
    • Never been rusty or crashed
    • Good tires
    • Some chrome has been re-done
    • Interior could use some work, front seat and headliner especially (throw a blanket on the seat and don't look up)
    • Truckload of parts available for extra cost.  $10,500.  Text message or email preferred.

      Sold on 6-25-2021

       Sterling, MA

    1911 Hupmobile Apart since 1961

    I've wanted a Model 20 Hup for 50 years. Got this matching numbers one two years ago and just don't have the time for it now

    • NEW wheels rims tires & tubes
    • NEW Brass
    • NEW Axle shafts
    • Missing the headlanp brackets
    • Breeze Carburetor is a later one
    • intake is modified
    • Brass hubcaps
    • Zig Zag windsheild
    • 4 bow top

    Rebuild the rear axle and carb, reassemble and you could be driving around Hershey. Lots of photos, and I can take more. Too many projects, parting with this one allows me to finish others. Limited to 5 photos in this ad, I have more. In Connecticut, sold with a Bill of Sale $10,000

    Sold in under 3 Days on HCCA.org 6-23-2021

       Ridgefield, CT

    1925 Nash Advanced Six Roadster

    Overall the car presents in very attractive and usable condition, with an engine compartment and undercarriage that have been cleaned up but never truly restored, and therefore bear a charming patina

    It starts easily, runs, drives, stops quite well and surprising has a huge amount of leg room --- usually unheard of in cars of this era

    A wonderful example of a rare roadster

    This is a lovely, unusual automobile which is rarely seen on the market - a wonderful, seldom-seen survivor of the great Wisconsin automaker, Nash

    Visit https://www.tomlaferriere.com for more details

    Sold on 6-22-2021

       Smithfield, RI

    This Beautiful 1909 Buick 2 cylinder Model F could be yours this month

    This beautiful 1909 Model F has 1 broken cylinder. Everything else is fine. The engine is removed and we have a new cyl casting, currently at the machine shop for estimates. We will sell, as is, this month to the lucky person who is the high bidder over $30,000 by June 30

    If interested submit your bid to me via email, by the end of the month

    1. Older restoration that looks fantastic
    2. Upholstery has no cuts or tears
    3. Includes starter
    4. Rear axle has been rebuilt using needle bearings and has many miles of use with no problems
    5. Ignition is electronic

    Sold quick on HCCA.org

       El Cajon, California

    Must sell $35,000 for one week only. Offer ends 7-11 1912 Hudson touring

    This Hudson has the best paint job you will find and the best of pinstriping

    Enjoy the best there is for family touring and a starter too

    Drive train all recently overhauled & ready for touring anywhere

    Must sell this month. $ 43,000 OBO

    Many pictures and video available, just ask

    Sold quick on HCCA.org

       El Cajon, Ca

    Cadillac Parts: 1912 ? Steering Box, 1910 Lower Engine, Four 1913 Cylinders, 1913 Sump

    This 1910 engine lower has had a rod failure. It's repaired & been driven many miles. Includes crankshaft and Cam. Missing the #2 main cap

    I replaced this engine when I found one that had not suffered a failure.

    Steering box appears to have no leaks and works fine

    Cylinders are very nice and it appears they will clean up at .025 oversize.

    1913 sump has some corrosion at one end that can be easily overcome

    Sold quick on HCCA.org

       El Cajon, CA

    1925 Nash Roadster

    Very solid, drivable '25 Nash roadster. Later inline 6 engine. Transmission is smooth shifting 3 speed manual. Burgundy paint with replaced tan vinyl interior. Odometer shows 54,123 miles but true miles unknown.

    It has paint imperfections but shows extremely well. Top in very good condition. Chrome shows well. Rare car with only two roadsters registered with the Nash Club for the 1925 model year.

    It has benefitted from an older restoration. A fun, drivable, #3+ condition antique that will not disappoint.

    Please, phone calls only. Thanks

    Sold on 6-19-2021

       Dorset, VT

    1909 Model T Ford Tourabout

    1909 Tourabout - Original car that was restored in the 1960's. Original motor, pan, transmission cover and rear end. Original body with nice leather interior, good condition top and very unique top buggy rail. 

    Serious inquiries only please - call Don Lang directly at 508-93two-920six -  $35,000 and located in Massachusetts
    Beautiful early car, one photo below and more photos on the link below


    Sold on 06-09-2021

       Baldwinville, MA

    10 Cad water pump, Shebler & Stromberg carb, grease fittings

    • 1910 Cad water pump newly rebuilt with a new stainless steel shaft $ 275
    • Stromberg H#2- 423952  carb $150
    • Shebler water heated carb patent 05-07 $200
    • Cadillac grease cups $ 6 each
    •  Also have a 1913 sump and tail light & 1912 ? steering box  & shaft  with brass tube  $ 195.

    Sold quick on HCCA.org

       El Cajon, CA

    1912 Mitchell Model 5-6 Touring

    Mitchell was restored in the 80's, engine/ transmission rebuilt in late 90's by Tom Holthaus
    •  6 cylinder engine, 350 Cu.inch
    • Rated at 40-48 Horsepower
    • 3 speed sliding gear transmission
    • Electric starter (added in early 90's)
    • Hartford shocks (added in early 90's)
    • BB-1 carburetor (original Stromberg BN04 available)
    • Bosch dual ignition
    • Full floating rear axle
    • Boot cover for top down touring
    • Top speed about 45 MPH, cruises at 32
    Many tours in the Sierra Foothills, including Kingsbury grade and Markleeville grade.

    Propane lights are not connected. Tank available.
    Asking $42,500 for this wonderful car

    Sold in 5 Days on 05-26-2021

       Elk Grove, CA

    Large Rushmore Headlights

    Large Rushmore headlights with 12 inch doors and original reflectors and lenses. Reflectors have the Rushmore name them

    Decided to use the manufacture's name on my Pierce Arrow

    These lights are used on many large automobiles. Reasonable offers considered.  $$1,500 including shipping to the continental US

    Sold in ONE Week 5-25-2021

       Redwood City, CA

    1903 Oldsmobile

    Features of this amazing, assembled in Lansing MI, Curved-Dash include:

    Single Cylinder Engine:

    • 4.5" Bore
    • 6.0" Stroke
    • 95 cubic inch
    • 4 to 5 HP
    • Top speed of 21 mph
    • Car weighs 700-750 lbs
    • Includes 7 binders detailing restoration of 100+pgs each
    • Includes Fenders & Original Wooden Wheels & Rims in a box

    These Type R cars were assembled in 1901, 1902 and 1903 and this 90% original Curved-Dash was meticulously Restored by Dick Deschane and offered at $59,000

    Large Lunkenheimer 5 dripper oiler. All brass construction.

    Perfect for a 1 or 2 cylinder project. All brass construction. Has ID tag and brass mounting brackets. Has glass in either end, with one end broken. 1/8” NPT female threads under all 5 dripper glasses. Missing threaded fill cap. Easily made. Unrestored barn find.Pictures can be emailed. $450 OBO

    Sold Fast on HCCA.org

       Woodstock , Ontario, Canada

    Impressive and Large Pair of Bleriot Brass Sidelamps & Jones Speedometer

    This pair of Bleriot Sidelamps are missing the burners and fonts. As they stand, they measure about 13 1/2" tall. The bodies are about 6" square and the lenses are 5". Excellent brass with no cracks, but few dings on one top. All the glass is good including the small, round inset lenses. The silver reflectors are very bright and clean. A great set of sidelamps for a significant motorcar. Price is \$1,200 pair.

    The Jones  All Brass Speedometer is a great original that has never been tampered with or taken apart. Very clean throughout with bracket. 300

    Call or email for more details or photos.

    Sold on 5-12-2021

    1920's Duesenberg styled single man race car.

    This project would make a fun single seater for events or show.

    • Wheelbase is 94 inches
    •  Width of body with front tires is 60 inches
    •  Rear 66 inches
    •  Frame 22 1/2 inches to outside
    • Inside frame 16 1/2 inches
    •  Body Length 108 inches
    •  Car length 128 inches (Overall -Wheel to Wheel)
    •  Tires: 5.25/550/17

    The body is in excellent condition as is the frame. Priced to sell at $25,000.  Call or email for more details

    Sold on 5-10-2021

       St. Louis, MO

    1904 Stevens- Duryea 4 Passenger Runabout

    Hi quality, well engineered by the Stevens Arms & Tool Co

    This 2 cyl. 3 speed, 4 passenger car has enjoyed only 3 owners including Austie Clark

    She starts, shifts and runs easy with Good Power up to 35mph

    • Top is original, self latching, with seat rail
    • Side and tail lights are original
    • Selden Pat. plate, and odometer
    Cost $1,300 when a new Cadillac was $900

    Museum Quality, this Great London-Brighton car is in Sacramento and can be yours for $ 119,000

    Visit my web site for more details: https://laidlawantiqueautorestoration.com

    Sold on 5-3-2021


    Top Sockets - Touring

    This top is about the same width and length as a Model T Ford, but is shorter

    Oval sockets with original wood bows in fare condition

    One Man top ... Priced at $695 obo

    Sold on 5-1-2021

       Portland, OR


    Small original painting 8 1/2 " by 7 " by Peter Helck illustrating cars arriving at the 1948 [ ? ] New York Antique Auto Show

    Email me for more details.

    Sold in about a Week on HCCA.org 4-29-2021

       Cambridge, MA

    EX Clay Green 1909 Model 19 Buick

    Features of this Great Running Buick include:
    1. Paint and upholstery from the 1950s in good, usable condition.
    2. Complete engine rebuild with new crank, pistons, Rings, valves and valve springs
    3. New clutch leather & starter
    4. Excellent top
    5. Rebuilt carter with BB1 carb and rebuilt Bosch mag with impluse
    6. Has all correct lights

    This 09 Buick looks presentable, runs great and is available for $46,500

    Sold in About A Week on 4-28-2021

       Shrewsbury, MA

    1931 Desoto SA

    1931 Desoto SA includes:

    • Body Off Restoration Years Ago
    • 6 Cyl engine
    • Overdrive
    • 12volt electrical
    • Wind Screens

    Price: $20,000

    Sold in under ONE WEEK on 04-26-2021

       Hartford, SD

    1912 Model T Touring

    Some of the features on this great Model T include:
    • RBLT Engine
    • 12V Start
    • BOSCH Ignition
    • ROCKY MTN brakes
    • Have orginal parts


    Email, Text or Call Bob for more details

    Sold in 2 days on 04-21-2021

       Wintersville, Ohio

    Model "T" 26/27 Transmission ( Rotating Parts ) & other model T parts

    I do not klnow the history of the transmission but it is as new since it shows no wear on anything includinmg the flywheel

    It could be new old stock. All parts shown in 4 pictures $ 650

    Sold in One Day on HCCA.org 4-15-2021

       El Cajon, CA

    FREE body for Buick Model 14b

    Offered is a free 1910/1911 Buick Model 14b body to a good home

    Missing top irons, firewall mount brackets and round Gas tank but does have seat cushions

    Can be shipped for reasonable fee through Fastenal

    If interested, call and leave a message or email me

    Found a New Home almost instantly; thanks HCCA 4-12-2021

       Walton Hills, OH

    1914 American LaFrance, Model 10, Fire Engine

    Look at some features of this American LaFrance Fire Engine:
    •  T-Head Engine, 4-Cylinder, 70-Horsepower
    • Three-Speed Transmission, Double Chain-Drive
    • Extra Electric Starter Ring-Gear Flywheel
    • Original/Unrestored
    • First purchased by The City of Wildwood, New Jersey
    • Garage stored after being decommissioned in 1955
    • Can be transported on a 20 foot trailer
    • Located in Portland, Oregon


    Sold in A Day on HCCA.org

       Boring, Oregon

    1920's Duesenberg Engine and Transmission

    There are many more pictures available.  As you can see:

    1. Valve train is clean
    2. Engine turns over with compression
    3. Transmission shifts properly
    4.   Mounted on rolling frame
    5. Please call or email for more details. $35,000. FIRM

      Sold on 3-30-2021

       St. Louis, MO

    Working 1913 Cadillac Starter Generator - Barely Used, if at all

    This starter/generator has been tested, works fine and appears virtually new with no or little wear on the brush riding surfaces

    I have a video of it being tested on request

    Asking $ 3,500 OBO

    Sold in a Day on HCCA.org 3-12-2021

       El Cajon, Ca

    Early Brass Oval Door Handles

    Clean pair of door handles, they were on my touring car for years but I was able to find the correct pair

    The brass is solid with no cracks and it poslishes up perfectly.

    Sold in 2 Days on HCCA.org 3-10-2021

       San Diego, CA

    Standard Gas Delivery Tank and Original Rear Compartment

    This Standard delivery tank was ordered by a dealer in the small farming town of Kenyon MN. It started it life as a horse delivery wagon. In the early 1900s, it was mounted on a early open cab truck chassis

    It retains all the original hardware and lettering on the rear compartment! The tank is solid and straight but has surface rust

    It is 44" wide X 30" high, 128" long including the seat area

    I will never finish this project. Call for more photos and information

    Where will you find another! The Henry Ford Museum has a restored tank on display

    Asking $3,000 Can someone finish this?

    Sold in 3 Days on HCCA.org
    "It will be saved and put back on a chassis"

       Kenyon, MN

    1910 Buick Model 17

    This Buick was restored by Skip Carpener, with much mechanical work by Steve Bono.  Has been set up for touring, and has been used on numerous long trips.

    Restoration is a few years old, but still looks very fresh, with paint, interior, and top all excellent.

    Mechanics are perfect, with new jugs, crankcase, crankshaft, electric start, etc.

    Selling for a good friend to help settle estate.  Car is located in NC

    Available for $64,500

    Sold in One Day on 02-10-2021

       Nokomis, FL

    1915 Model T Ford Speedster With Original Kuempel Red-I-Kut Body

    This Model T speedster was assembled by Francis Mesker of St. Louis in the 1920s and remained in the family until the 1980s when it became part of the St. Louis Museum of Transportation

    It is a mostly original car that was mechanically refreshed this year and runs good

    It has its original Kuempel Hardware Company speedster body, hood, radiator and underslung chassis with Rajo self-steering spindles & House wire wheels

    It has a 1915 engine that is fitted with an electric starter and is titled as a 1915

    A rare opportunity to acquire an authentic Ford speedster for just 18,750

    Sold in Days on HCCA.org 2-4-2021


    1910 Chalmers Detroit 30 model k #15771

    This is a 3 owner car pulled from the barn in Massachusetts in 1950

    I have a dealer brochure from Boston where the car was purchased and a couple of old registrations

    1. Rebuilt rods pistons and valve
    2. F head coil and magneto
    3. Lots of receipts
    4. Upholstery was redone in 1960
    5. Never been repainted. She's dark blue with creme pinstriping
    The car runs really well and is ready for your next tour for $37,500

    Sold on 2-1-2020

       Citrus Heights, CA

    1913 Ford Model T auto and trailer

    **   Used on many tours
    **   Rocky Mountain brakes
    **   2 speed Ruxel rear end
    **   starter
    **   Wire Pasco wheels
    **   Same owner since 1986
    **   Model T open trailer included
    **   Runs good
    **   Upholstery and roof in good condition

    Available for $19,000. Call for more info

    Sold on 1-30-2021

       El Dorado Hills, CA

    1916 Owen Magnetic O-36

    • Original car with 985 Miles
    • Long history back to the Museum of Science and History, Chicago
    • Runs and drives well
    • 7 passenger touring Summer body, by Rauch & Lang. Winter body gone in History
    • Top of the line model with 135" W.B.

    Contact me for more details and to make this 1916 Owen Magnetic O-36 yours

    Sold in HOURS on HCCA.org 1-17-2021


    1906 Orient Buckboard

    1906 Orient Buckboard

    Click photo to enlarge

    1906 Orient, serial #2851. 1-cylinder, double chain drive.  Selden Patent Plate.  Easy restoration, currently not running but complete.  Wood in very good condition.  Included are enough parts to assemble a second car. $18,000 OBO

    Sold on 1-14-2022

       Wadsworth, OH

    1913 Pope-Hartford Model 31 5 passenger Touring

    1913 Pope-Hartford Model 31 5 passenger Touring

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    Click to Watch My Video

    13 Was a big year for Pope:

    • New 40+ H.P
    • High compression, high rise overlap cam shaft
    • Stronger valve train engine
    • New 4 speed trans, all bearing transmission
    •  Starter & generator
    • Timkin axels and bearings
    • Large duel brakes
    • Original 27" Firestone A rims. ( demountable- detachable rims )
    Quality Throughout. Found by Bud Catlett in the Nevada Desert, and given a Gold Star Restoration at Harrah Auto Collection. This is a reliable, well proven tour car.
    This Pope successfully climbed Pikes Peak Summit in 2012 with 4 people and two dogs.

    Ask a Packard guy who owns one ... Ask a Pope guy who drives one!!!!
    2 and 4 wheel trades considered. Let's Talk $159,000

    Sold on 1-13-2022 ... Thanks HCCA

       Orange, CT

    1929 LaSalle 328 V8 Close Couple Town Sedan

    1929 LaSalle 328 V8 Close Couple Town Sedan

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    • Mostly original unrestored barn-find
    • Attractive and rare body style with matching numbers and build sheet
    • Delivered New in Los Angeles, CA and still in So. Cal.
    • Correct lights, sidemount locks, hubcaps and 19"knock off Buffalo wire wheels
    • Worn original upholstery
    • Protective repaint 60+ years ago looks OK from distance
    • Some plating rechromed for preservation and is excellent
    • Runs cool, shutters work and drives.  Oil pressure OK
    • First year for Synchromesh trans for Cadillac/LaSalle
    • Restore or use as is
    • CCCA recognizes 29 LaSalle as full classic

    Offered at: $23,000

    Sold 1-12-2022

       La Habra Hts, CA

    Vintage 1914 License plates. Buick Radiator script

    Vintage 1914 License plates. Buick Radiator script

    Click photo to enlarge

    • 1911 Buick Script from my Great Uncle's Model 17 $150
    • 1914 very good Michigan license plates pair $350
    • Whitlock Radiator patent plate 3/1905 $20
    • Jones Road gear 25teeth 8P part# 850 5" od $55
    • Copper/brass foot/bed warmer $1,900
    • Speedometer drive brackets/clamp $30

    ALL Sold on HCCA.org within 10 days

       La Jolla, CA

    1914 Model T Touring

    1914 Model T Touring

    Click photo for MORE Photos

    Good driving T with:

    1. Rebuilt motor
    2. NEW babbitt dips
    3. SS valves with adjustable lifters
    4. Redone/rebushed trans w kevlar bands roller 4th main and fame hub.
    5. Newly redone, demountable wheels new tires & tubes
    6. New front wheel bearings & races
    7. Coil box redone and coils rebuilt on ecct
    8. Kingston L4 carb redone by a professional rebuilder
    9. Nice flat tube radiator cool well
    10. Body wood, upholstery & paint were redone about 20 years ago
    11. Rocky mountain brakes
    12. Rear end in great shape
    13. Gas tank is clean
    14. Starts and runs on magneto

    Sold in uder One Week on HCCA.org 1-6-2022

    1936 Packard 120B Convertible Sedan by Dietrich

    The Packard 120 Convertible Sedan by Dietrich was a mid-year offering for 1936 and did not make the sales catalog. This particular car was delivered to Boston in May of 1936

    It has been meticulously restored and lovingly cared for. It received an AACA first Junior in 2011; an AACA Senior Award in 2014; Repeat Preservation Award in 2015 and Grand National in 2016

    It needs nothing to continue in Concourse competition. It runs and drives as new and is driven - not trailered - to shows

    It has been fitted with red leather upholstery, optional artillery wheels, and radio and can be yours for $67,000

    Sold in 2 days on 12-30-2020

       Fort Worth, TX

    Winton 1922 Chassis and Misc Parts

    Here we have a 1922 Winton chassis with motor # 3526, which would have been from a model 40, 70- H.P car

    This unit was from a touring car. As seen in the photos, a lot of the body sheet metal is marked accordingly and could be used as templates

    Motor is not fully complete less pistons, generator, starter, water pump and radiator

    All three cylinder jugs, heads, trans, wheel hubs, top bows, axle shafts, and brake bands are also included

    No tires or rims
    Priced at $10,500 negotiable. More photos available. Call with questions and to get more details

    Sold on 12-26-2020

       Medina, OH

    1909 Stoddard Dayton Model 9K Roadster For Sale Price Reduced!

    Nice older restoration of a 1909 Stoddard Dayton Roadster

    It was restored in 1962 by Henery Heinsohn for Herb Gunnison of Stoddard Dayton fame. Stoddard Dayton's are known for their wonderful looking engine and a good down the road touring performance

    • Big 4 cylinder 45 HP engine (4 3/4 x 5)
    • 3 Speed Transmission (never been busted up)
    • Exterior: Gray
    • Interior: Red in good condition
    • Body: Very good condition
    • Brass Lamps: very good condition
    Asking $95,000 Contact me for more information

    Sold on 02-18-2021

       San Diego, CA

    1918 Ford Model T Touring Car

    This 1918 Model T Touring car is A Driver

    It has a New top and upholstery and Runs Nice

    Owner recently had shoulder surgery and must upgrade to something with a starter

    Located just outside Omaha, Nebraska. Contact for extra pictures or for questions

    Offered at $8,000

    Sold on 12-17-2020

       Bennington, NE

    1902 Stanley Type A Spindle Seat Runabout

    This car is a reference example of an early Stanley; there is little doubt that this car is as close to what originally left the factory as one could find

    With the exception of some paint work on the body and frame, it is in remarkably original condition

    The car speaks for itself, don`t miss it!

    I can assist with anything steam car or preservation/conservation related. $50,000

    Sold on 12-17-2020

       Georgetown, CT

    1912 Flanders 20 Roadster

    This 1912 Flanders 20 Roadster is now for sale after 40 years. A largely original example still retains its original upholstery and all of its body components including:

    • Body
    • Fenders
    • Floorboards
    • E&J 366 headlamps
    • It even retains its original Jones 50 MPH speedometer
    • And More

    Cosmetically it wears an old paint job, most likely from the 1950's, but it still looks good with a little patina in its colors of dark maroon paired with a cream chassis

    Mechanically it runs great and drives well with plenty of power
    A great looking roadster with a round gas tank, scuttle and flyaway rear fenders. $19,500

    Sold On HCCA.org 12-15-2020

       Orange, CT

    1911 Buick Model 33: 5 Passenger Touring

    This 4 cylinder Buick has a 22.5 HP engine, Engine No. 2211, on Chassis No. 2428

    Outstanding condition including:
    1. Body off restoration in 2014
    2. New radiator 2003
    3. New top, new tires, relined cone clutch
    4. Hi-tension magneto with impulse coupling
    5. Schebler Model L carb
    6. Excellent original brass
    The car has earned Over 25 awards and recognitions including:
    AACA Grand National 1st, 2018 and The Hilton Head Island Concours d’Elegance, Palmetto Award

    Asking $43,000

    Sold on 12-14-2020

    1919 Pierce Arrow Dual Valve Engine & Transmission

    1919 Pierce Arrow Dual Valve Model 51 engine & transmission on stand for display

    Missing the following: Pistons, rods, main bearing shells, generator, misc water pipes, and small fittings. $7,500

    I also have an extra carb for $1,200 & water pump for $500

    Sold on 12-7-2020

       Marthasville, MO

    NEW 33x5 Goodrich Silvertown Single Side Whitewall Tires

    I am offering a brand new (set of four) 33x5 Goodrich Silvertown single side whitewall rayon tires

    Still in wrappers. Plus flaps. Fits 23" rim

    Asking $800 for set of four

    Tires Sold Immediately on HCCA.org 12-5-2020

    1915-1917 Brewster Parts

    Brewster parts:
    1. Cowl
    2. Front fenders
    3. Floorboards
    4. Some instruments
    5. Steering column
    6. windshield, hood, radiator and original headlights

    Recent barn find from NH estate. Approximate year; 1915-1917. Even has original VIN tag

    Price $3,500. For more pictures and information call, text or email

    Sold On HCCA.org 12-6-2020

       Monroe, VA

    1909 Locomobile Model I Body

    Early Brass Car Touring body. 1908 vintage original wooden body from Model I Locomobile (ex Henry Austin Clarke / ex Richard Paine collection)

    • Good condition with most of it's original leather
    • Open door 4/5 passenger
    • Rear doors are fine with all hardware
    Photos available.

    $13,750 or offers. (Located in Central Virginia)

    Call, Text or Email for more details

    Sold on HCCA.org 12-6-2020

       Monroe, VA

    1915 Lozier Type 82 for sale

    Only real Type 82 known to exist

    This 7 passenger is a Very Original automobile

    From the Barney Pollard collection. Beautifully restored, museum quality. All mechanical and structure original

    Engine just serviced, runs well and Ready for Touring

    Paperwork going back to in the 1920's from Middleton, NY.
    Contact me for more details

    Sold on 11-27-2020

       Plattsburgh, NY

    1912 Model T Touring ... $25,000

    This 1912 Model T Touring is in Excellent Condition:
    1. High compression head
    2. Ttouring cam
    3. Over-under drive
    4. Distributor
    5. Correct rearend
    6. Rocky mtn brakes
      1. Drives nice.. This is not a points car, body is not laser straight, this was set up for touring. Selling due to health reasons.. $25,000. Leave Message and I will call you back

        Sold in 2 Days on HCCA.org 11-22-2020. Thanks HCCA

       Lady Lake, FL

    1929 6th Series Packard 645 Sport Phaeton

    Top of the Packard line, Custom Dietrich Duel Cowl Sport Phaeton has a Quality older restoration of a solid car that Just Completed a professional Detail and Service

    Sold new by Berry Motor Co. St Louis

    • Paint solid with no cracks
    • Chrome and leather nice
    • Engine runs smooth and quiet
    • Shifts and Clutches easy
    Long California history with great caretakers. Go touring in a Very impressive Packard. In my California shop. Visit my web site for more details: https://laidlawantiqueautorestoration.com

    Thanks for looking ... Asking a Very Reasonable $125,000

    Sold in 6 Days on HCCA.org 11-5-2020


    Model T Top Sockets / Wood bows

    1916 - 1922 Model T Ford Roadster top with Original wood bows in good condition. Square sockets

    Offered at $595 obo

    Sold on 10-25-2020

       Portland, OR

    Ford JNO. Brown Model 85 Sidelights And Model 78 Tail Light

    A set of restored original sidelights and tail light for a 1911 Model T Ford-

    reflector liners have been re-silvered

    These are fully restored ready for your car

    The model 78 tail light is a rare item.

    Set price only $3,000 f.o.b. Loveland, CO

    Sold on 10-23/2020

       Loveland, CO.

    1930 Model A Ford Deluxe Roadster with Mitchell overdrive

    • Complete rebuilt engine
    • Rebuilt clutch and transmission
    • New radiator and alternator
    • Dual chrome side-mounts and steel trunk
    • LeBaron Bonney upholsteiy, including excellent top and side-curtains

    It also has wind wings, a quail moto-meter, and a heater that can roast you out on a cold day

    This is a fine car that has been on several local and annual tours

    $22,500 ... Call for details

    Sold on 10-18-2020

       Portland OR

    1915 Ford Centerdoor

    This 1915 Centerdoor has an Older Restoration that still presents well

    • Green paint was an option in '15 and '16
    • Brass era closed cars are quite rare
    • Original 1915 engine is in the car
    • Correct rear end
    • Equipped for touring with:
      1. KC Warford under/overdrive trans
      2. AC aftermarket brakes
      3. High compression head, starter, alternator
      4. New tires
    • Original hogshead, cylinder head, intake manifold and carburetor are included
    Car performs very well, and will easily run with larger hp cars.

    Offered at $22,500

    Glenn Miller

    Sold on 10-16-2020

       Plymouth, MI

    Hartford Shock Absorbers

    Pair of original Hartford Shock Absorbers. Comes with hardware in picture

    Look to be in very good condition. Will fit a Rolls-Royce

    Asking $500, not including shipping. Email with any questions!

    Sold quick on HCCA.org 10-8-2020

       Cold Spring Harbor, NY

    1918 Dodge Family Custom Limousine

    1918 Custom Limousine built by Babcock of Watertown for the Dodge Family

    Purportedly used by the daughters of the Dodge brothers so they could be escorted safely by their chauffeur

    Museum stored. Unique and historical

    Currently on display in upstate NY Museum

    Priced to sell at $22,500 USD

    Sold on 10-7-2020

       Baxter , Ontario Canada

    1915 Buick, C-55, 7 Passenger Touring

    Big and powerful with tour proven reliability.
    • 331c.i. - 6 Cly - 55 HP Engine
    • 130" wheelbase
    • 37" x 5" Tires
    • Engine, Transmission and Starter/Generator Rebuilt
    • New Leather faced Clutch
    • New Top, Good Upholstery
    • Numerous spare parts
    • More photos upon request
    Asking: $52,000

    Sold in a few Days on HCCA.org 10-6-2020

       Lodi, CA

    1930 Ford Model A Standard Phaeton

    What I have for sale is a 1930 Ford Model A Standard Phaeton. It was a quality restoration in the mid 80's of a very nice car

    Came out of a museum in Chicago in 1984 and was put in Storage till recently

    I rebuilt the carb and ignition parts and the car now runs and drives great

    It has some minor paint checking, but still presents itself well

    Offered at $25,000

    Sold on 10-2-2020

       Bettendorf, Iowa

    Model A Ford 2 door sedan

    Wonderful driving 1930 "A"; Doctor says I need to "cut back" or he'll cut me open again, sooo

    This car sounds and runs wonderful and can keep up with any traffic...

    • Hydraulic brakes, VG tires on 16 inch rims
    • Mitchell overdrive, 1939 Ford Transmission
    • Engine has been "re-done"
    • Turn signals with battery cutoff easily accessible
    • Interior and top are excellent, paint is good
    • The seat can be moved back, front seat belts
    • Interior temperature gauge
    • 12V Optima battery, great shocks

    The best driving car I've ever had, worth more, asking $16,800. Call for more details (in AZ)

    Sold In Seconds on HCCA.org. THANKS HCCA 10-1-2020

    c.1924 Auto Red Bug Electric Roadster $10,000

    This c.1924 Auto Red Bug Electric Roadster, #178, has been professionally restored to exacting standards

    It has been on display in private museum since the restoration was completed and remains in like new condition

    • This authentic Red Bug is powered by the original, electric motor
    • On an approximately 62" wheelbase chassis
    • Car weighs about 240 pounds
    • Advertised as having a top speed of 16 miles per hour
    Retains all of its proper components including:
    • Clincher wire wheels
    • 12 volt motor
    • Steering, brakes, controls, horn, etc
    Call for additional photos. Make it yours for $10,000

    Sold on 9-29-2020

    1919 Pierce Arrow Model 48 Dual Valve Four Passenger Roadster #514463

    This Model 48 Dual Valve Pierce Arrow was restored by the noted Pierce Arrow expert Ron Fawcett in the 1990s

    Discovered as an excellent and intact chassis, Fawcett recreated to exacting standards the Don Lee Four Passenger Roadster body using the remains of an original for patterns. The car has been recently re-freshened both mechanically and cosmetically

    • The paint, upholstery and nickel plating are excellent throughout
    • The massive 524 cubic inch engine starts and runs great
    • This car shifts easily and is nimble to drive

    This significant and desirable car is being offered at 129,500

    Sold on 9-27-2020

       Ann Arbor, , MI

    1905 Cadillac delivery

    With over 30 years of collecting the right parts for this 1905 Cadillac delivery, The time is right to pick your paint colors, maybe a logo for the side and assemble it

    With a beautiful Body, fenders front and rear, radiator, Coil box new rubber floor mat, Crank, and much more

    Sold as is ——- Offered at 25,000

    Sold in A Day on HCCA.org 9-24-2020

       Salem , Oregon

    1932 Essex Terraplane

    1932 is the very first year for the "Terraplane" model

    The car offered is well preserved original and never restored

    There's no evidence of any prior accident damage and not a sniff of rot or rust on her anywhere

    This is just a happy and sweet little car that can easily be enjoyed right the way it is

    This is a "preservation" car and not something shiny and perfect

    Stored in central VA. and available for: $21,900

    Call/Text or Email for more pictures/information

    New photos added 9-20-2020

    Sold on 12-5-2020

       Monroe, VA

    1931 Ford Model A "Huckster" Classic

    This classic "Huckster" has received a frame-off total restoration.
    • Great Washington Blue paint with black fenders
    • Oak Wood is flawless
    • Chrome, Tires, Interiors...are pristine
    • Overdrive makes the higher speeds a pleasure
    • Starts, shifts, brakes and runs down the road smooth and true
    Attention to detail has been the norm....it`s been in private collections and climate controlled showrooms since the restoration Offered at 31,500

    Sold in 9 days after editing on HCCA.org 9-17-2020

       Clarkston, Michigan

    13 Ford Touring

    13 ford touring - Older restoration with Ruxtel and Rocky Mtn Brakes

    Engine is built with standard ignition and a mod A crank

    Body is all original

    Car runs great and can be yours for $ 15.000

    Call with questions

    Sold in 3 Days 9-12-2020

       Bonita , CA

    1915 Ford Model T Excellent running, Jones Speedo, New Radiator

    Check out some features / facts about this Great Running T:
    • All original Ford metal
    • New Radiator but we have the original with Ford stamp and #667681
    • Car is # 702512 and the original body plate is on the car showing body built in June 1915
    • Jones speedo is restored & works great
    • Headlights work great on Mag
    • Car runs well on battery or mag
    • Side lights & tail have electric bulbs and tail has stop light
    • All new side curtains copied from original that we have

    More pictures available. Drive it home for $19,500. Call with any questions

    Sold in about 2 Weeks on 9-5-2020 Thanks HCCA

       Centennial, CO

    Indiana Mfg. Tail Light

    Indiana brass and steel tail light- complete with restored font and an original burner

    Light body was brass plated and shows some wear

    Asking price: $200 f.o.b.

    Sold on 9-4-2020

       Loveland, CO.

    1916 Model T RAJO-C Speedster

    This "old school" speedster was built in the mid-1960's

    • 1926 block (4-15-26) and transmission
    • Model A carb. (Windfield "barrel-body" carb. available)
    • Distributor/Alternator
    • 6 volt T starter
    • BUDD wire wheels, hubs
    • Script Ford caps, wrench
    • New Olympic (Australia) tires
    • Custom body
    • Brass hand pump (pressurize gas tank)
    Offered at $7,995

    Sold in UNDER 24 HOURS 8-22-2020

       Portland, OR

    1901 Columbia Electric Victoria Phaeton Mk XXXI

    This Columbia Electric is an absolute automotive treasure! It remains wonderfully original and never restored. Long and illustrious history of ownership. Without a doubt, this is the finest example of a preservation grade electric car extant. In fact, this very car was invited to be shown in the "preservation class" at Pebble Beach for 2020. Unfortunately, this years concours was cancelled, but its invitation has been extended for the 2021 Pebble Beach Concours. No greater honor could be bestowed on any automobile. Call/Text for more details and take this Columbia home for $165,000

    Sold in 2 Days on HCCA.org 8-21-2020

       Monroe, VA

    1914 Cadillac 4/5 Passenger Touring

    A beautiful restoration of an authentic car with huge 365 cubic inch, 4 cylinder, 5 main bearing engine with 3 speed transmission plus 2 speed rear end

    Runs and drives great and ready for any local tour or long distance rally

    Interesting back story

    Make her yours for $115,000 Car near Philadelphia, PA

    Sold on 8-18-2020

       Newtown Square, PA

    1935 Ford Model 48, 2 Door Deluxe Rumble Seat Roadster

    This 1935 Ford Model 48, 2 Door Deluxe Rumble Seat Roadster is an overall #3 survivor

    Prior long-term owners amateur maintained her

    Starts, runs and drives respectably. Recent service work appears to include:

    • Exhaust system
    • Modern Stromberg 97 carburetor
    • New fuel pump
    • Tune-up
    • battery and fluids

    Hydraulic brakes were added quite some time ago

    • Fair paint and cosmetics
    • Serviceable top and wind wings
    • Locking spare with hard shell spare tire cover included, but not pictured

    Asking $32,900

    Sold in under a Week on 8-15-2020

       Barre, MA

    1929 Model A Ford Station Wagon

    Very nice and clean Model A Station Wagon for sale. Won the MARC Henry Ford (471 points) and the MAFCA Award of Excellence

    The car has 610 miles on the engine since being restored in 1999. Since acquiring the car in 2016, I made the following modifications:

    1. New Optima 6V battery and alternator
    2. Replaced Zenith carburetor with a Marvel Schebler
    3. Installed glass fuel bowl and extra in-line filter
    4. Many additional photos available. Comes with side curtains (never used). Clean Texas title in my name. Contact for details

      Price $20,000 firm

      Sold on 08-05-2020

       Kingwood, TX

    1933 Reo Flying Cloud

    This 4 door is rust free and runs well on its 6 cylinder motor

    Needs windshield safety glass, the film is separating

    Exhaust gasket between exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe needs to be replaced

    Asking $8,500

    Sold on 07-29-2020

       Easrhampton, MA

    1909 EMF Touring

    1909 EMF Touring runs great with original seats

    Same family owned since 1970, spent most of its time from new in central New Jersesy

    History back to 1949. comes with book containing the history...

    Call for all the details

    Sold on 07-26-2020

       Langhorne, Pa

    1935 Brewster Towncar

    This is a good example of a very rare car

    It features a custom Brewster body on a 1935 Ford V-8 chassis. It is a well maintained car with an original interior, nice paint and beautiful chrome

    The body is beautifully built ... as with all Brewster body advantages, Ford parts are readily available

    The car is located in Indiana and the asking price is $55,000

    Sold on 6-3-2021

       Houston, TX

    1937 Cord 812 Westchester

    This 1937 Cord Westchester represents the most pure expression of Gordon Buehrig's landmark design

    • It was repainted in its present color by the Cord dealer in 1937. The paint is presentable
    • Interior has been redone beautifully
    • Shifting mechanism was recently sorted by a known Cord expert and is shifting properly
    • Original factory radio included
    • Car has been Certified Category 1 by the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club
    This is a nice example of one of the most important designs in automotive history

    The care is located in Indiana; the asking price is $65,000

    Sold on 6-3-2021

       Houston, TX

    1929 Hudson Super Six Roadster

    • One owner for last 60 years
    • Runs great - Ready to go
    • Newer roof
    • Model R - 288 cid six cylinder engine - 92 H.P.
    • 122" wheelbase
    • Three speed transmission
    Call for additional photos

    Offered at: $37,500

    Sold quick on 7-23-2020
    Videos do help!

       El Dorado Hills, CA

    1922 Model T Coupe

    Very cute Model T coupe !!!

    • Starts on first try and runs great...

    • Paint and interior, with the bud vase, are very good
    • Both tires and wheels are very good
    • Missing the speedometer cable
    • Small crack in lower corner of drivers window
    • The gas tank has been moved to the trunk. It's higher, therefore more pressure to the carb
    This is a nice car and worth the $12,600 I'm asking... hope you agree... if not call Terry

    Sold in 2 Days on HCCA.org 7-14-2020


    32 x 4 Used Tires for Sale

    5 White walls in good condition with some tread remaining

    Driven on Stanley Steamer. Some are "Universal" and some are "Lester", all are identical

    Good for infrequently driven car

    $150 plus shipping for all 5

    Sold in 2 Days on HCCA.org 07-06-2020

       Libertyville, IL

    1927 Stearns Knight Series F85

    This 1927 Stearns-Knight F6 Series Sedan has only 8,000+ miles. I`m the 4th owner of this nearly untouched condition Stearns-Knight

    1. Mechanically very good but should be gone through
    2. Paint appears original
    3. Green mohair interior will have to be restored but complete enough to replicate patterns
    4. Some of the wood floor will need replacing but the rest of the car is extremely solid
    5. Only changes of note is an electric fuel pump and Motometer replaced

      Missing interior door and window handles

      Please call or email for complete information. Make this true survivor yours
      Now just $ 14,500, I bought another car and need space
      No texts please

      Sold on 07-06-2020

       Dorset, VT

    Tail Light- Indiana MFG. Co.

    Brass and steel tail light made by Indiana Brass Co

    Unrestored Original with Three very nice lens - red, white, & blue

    Has original font & burner

    Priced at just $150

    Sold in 2 days on HCCA.org 6-29-2020

       Loveland, CO.

    1905 Rambler Type I Surrey - Serial # 6372

    Presenting this 1905 Rambler Type I Surrey - Serial # 6372

    In 1902 the 1 cylinder Rambler was one of the earliest cars (before Cadillac & Ford). Rambler built these well engineered, quality, 2 cylinder cars from 1904-1909

    This Car was found by Harold Sharon in MA in excellent, original, low mileage condition

    It has been beautifully restored by Harold and a friend to a very high standard

    It runs and drives well. The paint, leather, striping and top are quite stunning

    Don't miss the chance to own this great 2 cylinder Rambler for just $95,000

    Sold in ONE WEEK on HCCA.org 6-14-2020


    1909 Brush for sale

    I’m selling my Brush that was featured in car classics magazine in august 1976 and old cars calendar 1980

    My father purchased this car by sealed bid in 1971 from a man in Fayette Ohio. This car had been stolen and my father found it being shown at a county fair in NY upon taking pictures It upset the so called owner and dad left the display

    Month later pictured STOLEN CAR Hemmings motor news there It was

    State police recovered the car and arrested the man an was taken back to Ohio where he spent two weeks in jail. and 5 years probation

    I’m asking $28.000. Call for info

    Sold in a Day on HCCA.org 6-23-2020

    Contact: Paul Coxon
       Port Charlotte , Fl

    1911 Buick Model 33

    This 1911 Buick Model 33, 5 passenger Touring was Restored 50+ years ago by Joe Straub, past HCCA president

    • 2 speed Star rear end
    • 1981 HCCA National Peoples Choice award, trophy included with car
    • Restoration is still presentable
    • Runs and drives nicely
    Asking $27,500

    Sold in ONE WEEK on 6-23-2020

       Redding, Ca

    Circa 1905 Front Seat

    • Circa 1905, believed to be from Knox
    • Sheet metal on Wood Frame
    • 41.5” wide, 21.75” deep
    • Good condition, small dents
    • Non-original, 1960's living room upholstery
    • Has holes for hand or robe rail on back
    • Stamped 759 and 846 on front frame under cushion

    $650 o.b.o., can put on pallet for shipping

    Sold in 3 days on HCCA.org 6-21-2020

       Northampton, MA

    1906 Waltham Orient Buckboard

    This 1906 Waltham Orient Buckboard is Freshly restored with New body (in original Ash wood, Hickory stringers), wheels, tires, and spokes

    Starts, runs and drives well on Engine # 3318, Seldon patent/license # 57390

    Eligible for the New London to New Brighton run. licensed/Titled in MN. Priced in line, but below, those recently sold at Hershey

    Watch my video driving it to see and hear this Waltham in action and make it yours for $17,000

    Sold in about a WEEK on HCCA.org 6-16-2020

       New Ulm, MN

    Original 1940 Chevrolet Banner

    Beautiful, Bright, Hand Painted Banner with Stars and Stripes Wings Center is 5' high, 7' Wide

    Campaign Ad on Reverse Side

    $195 + shipping

    Sold in Hours on HCCA.org 6-10-2020

       Northampton, MA

    1908 Northern 2 cylinder Touring

    Very large touring car with powerful engine

    The engine has 250 cubic inches with a 5 1/2 inch bore and a 5 1/4 inch stroke

    Recently, engine and transmission have been rebuilt with

    • New counterbalanced crankshaft
    • New pistons
    • New camshaft, valves, lifters & Babbitt
    • All new transmission gears and bearings
    • Brand new water pump and radiator
    • Electric starter/ generator to assist in starting
    Runs down the road like a big 4 cylinder car. Call Scott with any questions. Asking $80,000, will deliver

    Sold on 6-8-2020

    1928 Chrysler Sport Roadster, AACA National 1st.

    This Chrysler is in Excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition

    In 1928, Chrysler sent 4- 72 Deluxe roadsters to Le mans finishing 3rd and 4th

    Also entered and received a class win at the Mille Miglia in Italy. Today the car is eligible for the Le mans classic, and Storica Mille Miglia

    Just completed a through service, and is ready to go. Quality Professional restoration, justified by a AACA national first

    Fitted with:
    1. Trunk rack
    2. Side curtains
    3. Golf club door
    4. "Mercury Wing" cap
    5. Rumble seat
    6. Red Head Engine
    This car is fun to drive, easy to steer, easy to stop with great hydraulic brakes, and a fun, sporty Chrysler

    Car in CA and offered at $49,500OBO

    Sold on 5-11-2020


    1920 Cadillac Type 59

    This 1920 Cadillac is completely stock, with the exception of an electric fuel pump. It has its original drivetrain, some original paint, interior (vinyl over old leather) , and even the original top

    Good no-skid tires on very good wheels. Brakes work well. Some exhaust replaced

    It would be a fantastic candidate for a total restoration, but considering how difficult it is to find an original, fully functional example, it should probably remain as is and be enjoyed

    Hate to see it go, but have other projects. A very good value at $25,000

    Sold on 5-21-2020

       Dorset, VT

    Pair Of Gray & Davis #104 Sidelights Circa 1909

    A nice pair of Gray & Davis sidelights

    These are nice "driver" quality original lights that are dent free, complete with fonts, burners, nice script tops, and jewels, etc.

    The reflector liners are original and need re-silvered to be show quality

    Buy them as is for $975 plus shipping

    Sold on 5-8-2020

       Loveland, CO.

    1909 Maxwell Model LD

    Offered here is a wonderful example of a 1909 Maxwell Model LD

    It was purchased by John MacSweeney in 1962 in unrestored original condition. He restored it in the 1990's, with the engine being rebuilt by Steve Bono more recently. Equipped with a:

    • 2-speed planetary transmission
    • Rebuilt engine
    • Rebuilt transmission
    • Rrecored radiator
    this Maxwell is a blast to drive. It runs and drives extremely well and even has a belt driven electric starter that was installed at the time of the engine rebuild

    It comes with documentation of the restoration as well as old photos

    Price Drop - Take this Maxwell home for just $26,500

    Sold on 05-04-2020

       Orange, Connecticut

    Two 1&2 Cylinder REO Connecting Rods NEW

    I have two 1905-1914 1 & 2 cyl. REO connecting rods left over from the LAST run, they cost me $392 each plus shipping, so am offering them at $800 the pair, which is almost cost

    These are the same as those that Vic Macek sold, made of 4140 steel, and are just beautiful

    If you need a pair its now or never, as no more will be made

    These will work perfectly with the new Moldex crankshafts, they are slightly narrower than original to accommodate the straight throws on those cranks

    Sold in a DAY on HCCA.org 4-30-2020

       Gardnerville, NV

    1911 Buick Model 27

    This Buick Model 27 includes:
    • 201cu.in, 34hp engine with a 4"x 4" bore and stroke
    • Car has always been stored in a dry building and the wood body is all original and in excellent condition
    • All of the sheet metal parts are very nice with zero rust or pitting
    • Speedometer shows 6,300 miles - believed to be original mileage
    • Original cartridge style radiator looks excellent with no apparent damage
    • Cylinders are off the engine and need three ears welded on which are with the cylinders
    • All engine parts show very little wear
    • Crankcase assy was not removed and the Underside is untouched
    Offeerd at $16,000

    Sold on 4-27-2020

       gold river, ca

    1911-12 Ford Model T Touring

    1911-12 T - Older restoration with:

    1. Stock, original engine and body
    2. Original metal no rust
    3. Removable front doors painted to match
    4. Electric starter
    5. Aluminum trans cover and original fly wheel w/magnets included
    6. 5pasco wires with small drum hubs, very valuable on early Ruxtell 2 speed axle
    7. Set of rebuilt and sound original wheels included

    Starts quickly by hand and runs well on coils, on mag, or on battery. In 65 years it has always run reliably

    Asking $19,000 obo. FOB Ketchum Idaho
    Call me and I will send you a video

    Sold the Second Day on HCCA.org 4-24-2020
    Thanks HCCA

       Ketchum, ID

    1904 Stanley CX

    This Stanley, body #1273, serial #823, engine #1311, did the London to Brighton in 1982, C.J. DelMarco driving

    It was first in class at Amelia Island in 2006

    It runs very well, much fun to drive. $66,000

    Sold on 4-21-2020

       Wayne, ME

    1921 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Barker Landaulette

    This Silver Ghost, chassis #42CE, a Barker Landaulette, is one of the most original surviving Silver Ghosts in the world and has a fantastic provenance

    In the 1960's, #42CE was purchased by collector Mr. Harry Resnick for his Museum in Ellenville, New York

    Today, it is wonderfully preserved and retains everything it was delivered with in 1921

    The engine was professionally serviced recently having over $50,000 dollars spent making sure this Ghost is in top mechanical condition

    Complete with build sheet and records, this car is perfect for any concours or for Ghost tours. Price upon request

    Sold on HCCA.org

       Orange, Connecticut

    Brass-Era Front Wooden Wheels - Firestone 34" x 4 1/2"

    I picked these up in Rhode Island a while back with a purchase of a variety of brass era parts

    Many of the parts were late teens Overland, but I'm not sure what these came from

    As you see they are in pretty good condition with 2 rings and 1 has the mounting plates on the studs

    Says Firestone and measure 34" x 4 1/2"

    Can be picked up outside of Worcester, MA or Saratoga Springs, NY. Poss. delivery in between/near for gas money

    Let me know if you need additional pictures. Can deliver to Spring Carlisle for pick up also

    $450 for the pair

    Sold in about a week on HCCA.org 3-22-2020

       Northborough, MA

    1905 Ford Model F

    **PRICE REDUCED** Possibly the only regularly toured Ford Model F in existence!
    1. Original California car not built from parts
    2. Sold new San Francisco 1905 used in 06 quake
    3. The car has an added oil return system, electric starter, and toured extensively
    4. Engine has Moldex counterweighted crankshaft & all internal parts new
    5. Re-made transmission housings with new gears, bronze bushings, clutch materials
    6. Original Ford body
    7. Correct Gray & Davis bullet style brass lights
    8. Ready for next 1 & 2 cylinder tour
    9. Fun & easy to drive

    This AACA Jr 1st & AACA Western Regional Award winner can be yours for $65,500

    Sold 3 days after lowering price. Go HCCA classifieds!! 3-7-2020

       San Marcos, CA

    1902 Union Stanhope for Sale

    This 1902 Union Stanhope has been restored and includes:
    • 2 cyl Brennan motor
    • Electric start
    • Chain driven with tiller steering

    Possibly the only one of this model known

    Asking $ 35,000. Will negotiate. The car is in Florida

    Sold in 5 days on HCCA.org 3-04-2020

    Spring sale of goodies

    Spring has almost sprung. Take a good look at all these goodies, if you see anything that may interest you, email me, and I will send more info, pics, whatever it takes. We will make a deal that works !

    All sold on HCCA.org

       Norwalk, OH

    1925 Franklin 10C Touring Car

    1925 Franklin 10C Touring Car, $19,500 ... F.O.B. Woodstock Vermont

    The car was owned by Frank H. Gardner, for many years and has a Nice older restoration.

    • Paint dark blue with black running gear and trim
    • Serial # 150720-1
    • Engine # E-98892
    • 6 Cylinder, 32 HP
    • Four doors, 3-speed manual transmission

    Designated a "Classic Car" by the classic car club of America this low milage "Horse Collar" Franklin is in good running condition

    Sold on 02-28-2020

    Sold in a few days on HCCA.org 2-28-2020

    EMF racer

    1909 EMF $8,500

    Comes with extra parts including
    1. Brass lights
    2. Carbide generator
    3. EMF windshield, top irons and bows
    4. Hub caps
    5. Extra running boards
    6. Touring cowl with brass trim, side lamp brackets, set of patterns to make touring body

    Sold in 3 days on HCCA.org 2-27-2020

       Smartville, CA

    1910 Buick model 17 $55,000

    1910 model 17 with electric starter and counter balanced crankshaft

    Starts right up and runs strong

    Also available 1910 Chalmers Detroit model 30 $49,000 and 1908 Maxwell model H 2cyl $52,000

    Sold on 2-24-2020

       Citrus Hts, CA

    Solar 725 Horseless Carriage Headlamps

    Don't miss this Beautiful Pair of Solar 725 headlamps

    Older restoration, I would guess early '70s by Wayne Stoll, Whittier, CA. Do not believe they were ever installed after they were restored

    Appear to have a clear coat on them that is crazed in a few places

    Slight dimple on the back of one, small flat spot on edge of one tank

    Contact me to make these yours

    Sold on 02-24-2020

       Terrell, TX

    1915 Simplex Crane

    1915 Simplex Crane Model 5 Tourer
    • Chassis no. 2046
    • Engine no. 2049
    • 564ci L-Head Inline 6-Cylinder Engine
    • Single Updraft Carburetor
    • 110bhp at 2,900rpm
    • 4-Speed Manual Transmission
    • Semi-elliptic Leaf Spring Suspension with Tubular Dampers
    • Double Acting Mechanical Brake on Rear Wheels

    See the Simplex at Hershey Car Corral Space A-53

    This car turns heads wherever it goes!!!

    Available for $174.900

    Sold 02-17-2020

       Geogretown, CT

    1908 Buick Model G 2 Cyl. Runs Great

    This 1908 Buick Model G has an Older Restoration and is still in very presentable condition

    Runs Great on a 2 cyl. engine and can be yours for $38,000

    For more photos please contact Artie Vaughan at 817-266-1938

    Sold on 1-15-2020

       Alvarado, TX

    Detroit Electric parts

    1. Detroit Electric Sangamo Ampere Hour Meter $450
    2. Exterior door handle, not keyed $30
    3. Hub caps $125 ea

    Prices include shipping within the states

       Saginaw, MI

    1910 Hupmobile Model 20 Runabout

    Nice 1910 Runabout. Older restoration but clean. Engine sounds and runs good. Includes:
    1. Belly pan
    2. Transmission and clutch work very well
    3. Brakes poor
    4. No Top (That was optional)
    5. Like new white tires including spare and stored off floor on jacks
    6. Four original wheel jacks

    Make this Very cute car yours for just $17,000

    Sold in 4 days on 1-18-2020

       Minden, NV

    Robert Reichwaldt Estate Sale

    1908-1909 Mason Chassis with:

    • Nice Bright Lights
    • No Motor
    • E&J 376 Head Lights
    • 2-E&J Right Side
    • 1-E&J Left Side
    • 1-E&J Tail Light

    Asking $4,800

    Sold 04-15-2020

       Pleasanton, TX

    1914 Ford Runabout #423611

    The car is an older restoration

    Equipped with:
    1. Electric starter
    2. Hassler shocks
    3. Rocky mountain brakes
    4. Aermore whistles
    5. Water pump
    6. 30x3 and 30x3 1/2 tires

    The car can be delivered to Chickasha, OK in March and is offered at $18,500

    When calling please ask to speak to Bob

    Sold on 2-15-2020

    Contact: Donald Ohnstad
       Valley, NE

    Restored Pair JNO.Brown Model 85 Sidelights For Ford

    A beautiful pair of JNO. Brown mod. 85 Sidelights for 1911 Ford

    These are getting very hard to find and are not made new

    Prefer to trade on a 1913 Ford Roadster body

    Valued at $2,500.00 plus shipping. Email me call and leave a message

    Sold on I/10/2020

       Loveland, CO.

    1910 Franklin Model G Touring

    This 1910 Franklin Model G is All there, missing one hubcap

    1. Engine does run but needs a rebuild
    2. All new wood is excellent
    3. Interior redone
    4. Good tires & wheels & brakes
    5. Good body

    A rare example. Finish the restoration and have a great touring car for only $20,000

    Sold on 1-8-2020

       Monticello, ME

    1914 Ford Model T Touring

    This '14 Ford Model T Touring is a strong running T with later model engine

    A Little TLC will go a long way to making this your next Touring T

    For additional information or more photos please email or call days. Offered at $15,500

    Sold on 12-23-2019

       Swansea, MA

    1912 Warner 4 Speed Rebuilt Transmission

    1912 Warner 4 Speed Rebuilt Transmission with Right Side Shifter

    Came out of a 50 Horsepower Kissel Car and others

    $3,500 FIRM or Trade

    Sold on 8-10-2019

       Turlock, CA

    1926 Studebaker Big 6 Custom Brougham

    Beautiful complete restoration to factory specs in 1990

    • Runs, drives, and stops excellent
    • Excellent mohair interior, wood and bright nickel plating
    • Tires have lots of tread left, the wheels are excellent
    • Excellent body with and original paint colors
    This Original Arizona car winning 1st, best of show and peoples choice awards is a great value at $17,000

    Call with any questions

    Sold in 2 Days on HCCA.org 12-16-2019

       Phoenix, AZ

    1909 EMF "30"

    This 1909 EMF "30" needs some TLC including paint work

    Runs better on battery side than magneto

    • First restored in the 1970's
    • Engine rebuilt then
    • Transaxle rebuilt about 10 years ago
    • Delco starter/generator and full lights added then
    • Beautiful newer top
    • Usable original upholstery

    Asking $30,000. Offers encouraged

    Sold in a week on HCCA.org 12-12-2019

       Midland , Mi

    Quality Early Display Steam Engine

  • Maker unknown, monogram on the steam chest
  • Engine is new and runs great on air
  • Stand is professionally made and has been with engine since new
  • The engine is bronze, steel and cast iron, painted dark Brooster. Rods are on bearings and there is no tool marks anywhere. Great display piece! - $2,500

    Sold in under a week on HCCA.org 12-5-2019

    1929 Cadillac La Salle model

    This car spent most of its life in 2 museums and has only 65,738 miles.

    After repair from long term storage it road tests great

    • Had a high end engine rebuild with many new parts reportedly costing $9,000 and is powerful and smooth
    • Clutch, transmission, starter and generator all work properly
    • Chassis and engine compartment have been cleaned and painted
    • R
    • Upholstery is very nice with correct pattern and period fabric but not mohair
    • Wood work very good
    • Body has no rust or dents and has a non-professional repaint that is very presentable
    • Modern wiring and switches
    Good car for resto-mod $19,900

    Sold on 11-27-2019

       Show Low, AZ

    1913 Ford Model T Touring

    1913 Ford Model T with:

    1. Modified engine with Model A crank/ aluminum pistons/ touring cam
    2. Aftermarket carb and distributor
    3. Ruxtell 2 speed rear end
    4. Roger Lee hydraulic brake setup

    Car will run with the big brass cars! Has completed many many tours including Farts Tour and Red Rocks, and is ready for the next one

    Please email or call days for any additional information or pictures

    Ready to tour for just $19,800

    Sold on 11-23-2019

       Swansea, Massachusetts

    Hans Gas Gauge In Excellent Condition

    Fits many different early brass cars

    $575 plus shipping to Dick Shappy

    Call or email to make it yours

    Sold instantly on HCCA.org 11-22-2019
    I had a 2nd and it sold quick too. Thanks HCCA

       Providence, RI

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