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Indoor Heated Car Storage Near Hershey, PA

We have long term car storage located 10 miles East of Hershey Pa. 2 current tenant's are vacating in October 2022 and have space available. If interested in learning more give me a call or email.
   Hummelstown, PA

National Coil

I have two National coils, logo on top plate, one is complete the other is missing the vibrator. Measure @3 3/8 wide. 6 3/8 tall not including bottom posts.. 2 3/4 across. $100.00 for both plus the ride. Thanks HCCA
   Harvard, Illinois

Pierce Arrow literature collection.

Pierce Arrow sales catalogs, factory letters, blue prints, and ephemera collection for sale. Please inquire for more details and price. Bernie Golias, 330-635-2784, email: berniegolias@aol.com.
   Medina, OH

Brass Era Parts

REO 1905-6 carburetor $485; 1912 Maxwell Messenger Delco coilbox with switch that fits Cadillac and others $225; 2 cylinder Splitdorf coilbox $275; Bosch DU-4 dual magneto HOT $600 other mags and switches available; Remy P switch/coil with key $275; New Old Stock Houk #4 wire wheel hubcaps; Jones speedometer head and clock $850; Westchester #2 tail lamp no cracks no dents
   Danville, CA

Early Brass Car Right Hand Drive Steering Column $1,500

Early Brass Car Right Hand Drive Steering Column $1,500

Click photo for MORE Photos

Click to Watch My Video

Early Brass Car Right Hand Drive Steering Column

If you're looking for a very large early right hand drive steering column look no further!

The pictures and the link to the restoration video will help a lot.  If you have questions about dimensions I will be happy to answer them and take appropriate measurements.  This listing says that the item is for pick up only.  If you arrange for shipping, I will provide the weight and dimensions and construct a quality crate at no additional cost. 

   Chico, CA

Corcoran three-tier side lamps for sale, 1909-10 Buick and others

Corcoran three-tier side lamps for sale, 1909-10 Buick and others

Click photo for MORE Photos

Pair three-tier Corcoran side lamps, correct for 1909-1910 Buick Model 16 and 17 and others.

 Nice, as found condition, either restore or use as is on a survivor.  No cracks in brass that I can find, lenses have handling scratches, side glass good.

Top three tiers on one lamp loose and need attaching, placed loosely on top for pictures.

  Extra font and some extra parts, missing both wick holders.


Approximately twelve inches tall and lens is about six inches in diameter.

 Asking $900, which would include shipping in Continental U.S.

   Winchester, VA

Early Brass Gray & Davis Tail Light

Early Brass Gray & Davis Tail Light

Click photo for MORE Photos

Early Gray & Davis tail light : restored:

  • Nice font with correct burner
  • Good original glass
  • Script on tops is very good

Put it on your carriage for just $850 US plus shipping

   Loveland, CO.

Early Brass E&J Sidelights- Restored

Early Brass E&J Sidelights- Restored

Click photo for MORE Photos

Fully restored pair of very rare E&J bale handled sidelights - show quality for $4,000. firm US. shipping & insurance extra

These have been in my showcase awhile and I hate to see them go

These are the best! we screen phone calls so leave a message if you have questions. I'll call back.

Sold on 6/6/2022

   Loveland, CO.

32x4 Goodrich Silvertown black wall tires

Set of 4 tires, like new, were mounted but never used/driven. Tires only - no tubes. $850 CAN for set. ($344 USD per tire new)
   Edmonton, Alberta CAN

New Wood Wheels for 30 X3 Tires, Clincher Rims No Hubs.

I mistakenly had 4 new wood wheels made for 30 by 3 tires when I should have used rims for 30 by 3 1/2 MAKE AN OFFER Possible delivery to Celebration of Brass in July
   Trumansburg, NY US

Fabulous Original Pair of Pope Hartford Gray and Davis Brass Headlamps

Fabulous Original Pair of Pope Hartford Gray and Davis Brass Headlamps

Click photo for MORE Photos

A very nice pair of original c.1908-1911 Pope Hartford Gray and Davis all brass headlamps.

These lamps can be used as-is on an original car or could easily be restored for a show car. They are missing the reflectors and one burner tip but are otherwise complete.

This is a true pair of headlamps with right and left side opening doors. The original "Made Especially for the Pope Hartford by Gray and Davis" tags retain crisp and clear wording.

These are very large lamps with 10 1/2" diameter lenses. A great opportunity to acquire an original pair of very rare headlamps that have never been restored or altered. Price is 7,500 for the pair including shipping/insurance within the Continental USA. Please call for additional information and photos

33x4 tires tubes New

Set 4 tires 33x4 still on wrappers Set 4 rubber stem tubes Asking $1100+ shipping obo Have older tire 33x4 good spare If you wanna pay shipping

Sold on 05-18-2022

   Sparks, Nevada US

Model T parts

Model T parts

Click photo to enlarge

Asking prices:

  • Pair of early top bow saddles with new leather $40.
  • 1912 Holley brass 3 screw carb $250
  • 1912 original alum intake manifold $75
  • Eskimo Water pump $125
  • 1926 steering wheel, good condition $125.
  • Luggage Rack $30
  • New welded muffler $25

Make me an offer on one, some or all!

I will ship UPS Ground. Give me your Zip and I will get a freight quote for you And Will add it to the price. 

   Ketchum, Idaho

Tires For Sale

For sale. A pair of 30x3 Firestone Non Skids one is a very good tire one has some wear, with tubes. $125.00 plus shipping. One good 33x4 Lester tire. $50.00 plus shipping. Call or email for pictures

Sold in a Day on HCCA.org

   North Salt Lake, UT

Stewart speedometer and clock

Stewart speedometer and clock on original combination bracket $950, can post worldwide, happy to answer questions and send pictures.
   Danville, CA

1906 Waltham - Orient sales catalog

Very good condition original, measures 9" long X 6" tall. 24 pages with pictures of all models including buckboard and specifications. Asking $195 including shipping. Email me for pictures of it.
   Minden, NV

FS 1912 Packard Parts

1912 Packard rear fenders, and spacer blocks for when the top is folded. Fenders would be good for original car, or excellent patterns. $200 for all.Call for pictures, Steve
   Moorehead, MN

Early car ignition switch, NOS

I have two New Old Stock ignition switches for early cars, complete with removable switch lever (key) and mounting screws. These were intended to mount on the seat side like a CD Olds or under the seat as on an Orient Buckboard, as they have 2 slots underneath for wires to come in & out of. NOT intended for mounting on a dash type coilbox. 2" OD, 1/2" tall. $75 each

Sold in Hours on HCCA.org

   Gardnerville, NV

1910 Ford Touring Upholstery Kit

Classtique, Leather Upholstery Kit for 1910 Ford Touring. New, Never Installed. List: $2,995 Selling for $2,195 Available at the BBC Flea Market, May 15

Sold on 05-09-2022

   Mansfield, MA

For Sale NOS Set of Running board cans and a Remy 4 Cylinder magneto

For Sale  NOS Set of Running board cans and a Remy 4 Cylinder magneto

Click photo for MORE Photos

  • Very nice set of NOS Running board cans with bracket
    Has been on my dad's shelf for over 50 years  $ 350 plus shipping
  • 4-cylinder Remy model L41 With a number L108 cast in the frame work
    I was told it's 1909-10 era and was rebuilt by George Pounden in the 60's. Has never been put back on a car.  $300 plus shipping
    • Call or email for more pictures and info.

      Sold in ONE week 5/11/2022

   North Salt Lake, UT

Solar Headlight Pair Restored

Solar Headlight Pair Restored

Click photo for MORE Photos

A restored pair of Solar #958 headlights:

  • New mirrors, burners, front lens, etc
  • Mounting brackets are 9 inch
  • Front door is 10 1/2 inches diameter

These lights are fully restored and ready for a car. 

Priced at $2,000 plus shipping. OBO

   Loveland, CO.

Pair Gray & Davis headlights- Fully restored from nice original lights

Pair Gray & Davis headlights- Fully restored from nice original lights

Click photo for MORE Photos

A beautiful pair of early headlights- circa 1906-08. Gray & Davis mfg.

These lights are original with original mirrors and convex lens. Dents have been removed and lights polished. Ready for your car.

Price: $4000 plus shipping. Call or text me if you have questions. Due to all of the scammers please leave a message if I don't answer. I will call back.

   Loveland, CO.

C.M. Hall Brass Side & Tail Lights and Six Cylinder Hertz Distributor

C.M. Hall Brass Side & Tail Lights and Six Cylinder Hertz Distributor

Click photo for MORE Photos

  1. Excellent pair of large C.M. Hall 144-E Combination Electric and Oil sidelamps as originally made. 12" tall. Use as-is or could very easily be restored. Excellent brass, reflectors, burners, beveled glass lenses, etc. These are high quality lights in great condition. 595 pair
  2. C.M. Hall 123-E Combination Electric and  Oil Taillamp. Font is from a larger model but can be easily adapted including the burner. Originally nickel plated. Nice red lens. Good original. 10 1/2" tall. 185
  3. Rare Hertz Six Cylinder Distributor for high quality, early cars. Aluminum housing, complete with internals, Excellent condition.  7" tall by 4" diameter. 395

Email or call for more detailed photos and information.

Pair of Dietz Tubular sidelamps --- Excellent!

Pair of Dietz Tubular sidelamps --- Excellent!

Click photo for MORE Photos

Pair of Very Early Dietz Tubular side lamps as used on 1901-04 Packard and many others of the pre-1905 Era

Nice solid lamps, a few dings as expected, one thumbnail sized ding on the rear hinge side of the right lamp and another on the bottom edge of one of the founts.  Otherwise, a few small pencil tip sized dings and dents

The lower tier is cracked on the left lamp and there are 1 or 2 cracks on both rims, hardly noticeable. There is an "almost" crack behind the hinges of both lamps from swinging the door open too hard, otherwise I see no others

One top will come off, only being held by 2 tabs, and being a single thickness of brass, it's easy to straighten. Price; $750 for the pair

Sold in Hours on 4/25/2022

   Gardnerville, NV

2 cylinder Buick parts

We have about 25 # of misc 2 cylinder Buick parts. For pics, email me, thanks!

Sold in about 2 Days on HCCA.org

   Norwalk, OH

New Old Stock 38” x 2.5”, and 34” x 2.5” Tube style Tires.

Made by “United States Rubber Company” these tires/tubes have been wrapped in fabric since new, protected from the elements. Both have metal stems and hold air. Text for photos. $1,500 for the pair. Free delivery to Turlane or Luray swap meets or shipped at the buyer's expense. Text my 9206 phone for photos.
   Baldwinville, MA

6 Volt Siren

Very nice 6 volt siren. Polished aluminum. Announce your arrival properly. $150.00 plus shipping. Call or email for pictures.
   North Salt Lake, UT

Brass Echo 3 Note Whistle Complete

An outstanding example of a very early 3 note exhaust whistle. Named the ECHO, made in Cleveland , Ohio. All brass, impressive, excellent condition, has a nice cutout included and a brass floor pedal. $450. For lots of pics, I’m an email away! Located 44857
   Norwalk, OH

Early Brass-Era Parts

Pair of Oldsmobile Detroit step plates for the french front Olds ( I believe) $150. …………..original brass hubcap circa 1903-4, used on the early Cadillac , Ford B & K and I’m sure others. Never has had a medallion applied. $275 many pics and accurate description on request to my email, thanks! Tim
   Norwalk, OH

Buick Model 10 Parts

Model 10 Buick original front axle, rebuilt wheel with original hub & drum, original steering column with box & control block, original oil/water pumps (needs to be rebuilt), many transmission/clutch parts, & and original block in good shape. Email for pictures and prices.
   Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Pair Gray & Davis 838 Sidelamps

Pair large gray & davis 838 brass 3-tier oil side lamps 15" tall These are the largest & highest quality side lamps built by Gray & Davis 1906 model K Ford and similar quality cars used these lamps Extremely nice Excellent glass Straight - no cracks in the brass $1,825 + shipping Can send pictures
   Northbrook, IL

Brass Lights For Sale

Brass Lights For Sale

Click photo to enlarge


  1. Restored Gray & Davis ullet tail, $2,100 and restored Dietz tail, $1,750
  2. Nice Dietz LH side, $350
  3. No name spot, $600
  4. Brass and Coper Royal spot, $700
   Wayne, Maine

Pfanstiehl "Master Vibrator" round style single cylinder

In good condition, mag for single cylinder car.
Missing the key switch to go between battery and mag otherwise complete
   Emeryville, CA

Glide brass headlamp, Mea magnetos, Cadillac/Delco unit, & Stewart.

Glide brass headlamp, Mea magnetos, Cadillac/Delco unit, & Stewart.

Click photo for MORE Photos

1. Glide headlamp Solar 1158 A solid item, no glass, or mirror, minor dents, $500.

2. Cadillac/Delco ignition system unit for a four-cylinder engine. Requires cover replacement, but a rare item, $300.

3. Mea magneto, Model BK6D, $800. 

4. Mea magneto, Typ A6, $300. 

5. Stewart Speedometer, #26, Sir # D90686, $300. 

6. Marmon wire wheel center dust cap 5", $200

All units are untested. Buyer to pay shipping costs. 

   Minnetonka, MN

Lamps, E&J pat 1908 black and brass tail lamp, Dietz Orient side lamp

Really nice black and brass E&J pat 1908 tail lamp. Also, a dandy all brass DIETZ orient side lamp Dietz Sold on HCCA.org. Email for lots of pics and info
   Norwalk, OH

Jos. W. Jones Speedometer and Clock + Bracket + Key

Jos. W. Jones Speedometer and Clock mounted to bracket. With winding key. In excellent appearance but unsure if restored mechanically. Will send photos

Sold on HCCA.org

Brass era parts For Sale

Baker 28" rim 1912 Cadillac; Bosch D-4 Dual magneto $650; Angle mount dash clock for wooden firewall, runs $175; 24" Firestone detachable demountable rim with rings; Jones clock and large 4" face speedometer $750 pair; DISCO carbide gas starter control $250; Gray & Davis #16 tail lamp $250; flint ignitors for gas headlamps $95 pair.
   Danville, CA

225 early car parts for sale as a LOT

Low price as a LOT of 225. Email me for a link to see pictures and info on them.

Sold On HCCA.org

   Minden, NV

Simplex Crankcase

Simplex Short Stroke crankcase for sale. Casting is new using virgin aluminum. Heat treated to #5 for added strength and greater ease of machining. If you have a Simplex with its original crankcase, you need this casting. Call or e-mail for more info. or any questions. Thanks
   new preston, Connecticut US

20th Century Headlamps

20th Century, Bail Handle, Diopter Lens Headlamps. Restored by Stuart Baumann. Originally installed on an unrestored 1905 Maxwell, Model H, that was sold at the Harrah's Automobile Collection Auction in 1978. $5,000 (shipping & insurance extra)

Sold on HCCA.org

   Boring, OR

Bosch magnetos For Sale

Bosch D-4 dual magneto makes spark $650; New Old Stock switch with key for plain independent magneto $185; many different Bosch magneto manuals $125 each (can send pdf electronic copy for $25); many other magnetos and switches including 0-1-2 and 2-1-2 available let me know your needs; happy to answer any questions and supply pictures.
   Danville, CA

FS NOS Nickeled Carbide Generator

For Sale, 1913-14 Ford generator that was nickeled. Was briefly bolted to a Maxwell. NOS $600 Free Chickasha delivery. This would look good on any nickel car or speedster. Message for pictures.
   Moorehead, MN

FS Speedometer Wheel Gears. 11 Different All Makes

For Sale. Stewart 64T, 9P, No24. St 60T, 8P, 86-19. St 68T, 8P, No27. St 62T, 10P, 8688. St 64T 9P, 8755. St 58T, 8P, 30333. JM 64T, 8P?, U4327. Jones 64T, 8P?, 4311. Jones 64T 8P? 4327. Jones 35T, 8P 850. $75 Each. Free Chickasha Delivery
   Moorehead, MN

'26 - '27 Model T touring folding top bows

'26 - '27 Model T touring folding top bows for sale in excellent condition. Asking $950
   Detroit, MI

Original Brass Lamps & Bulb Horns

2 c.1909Rushmore Searchlight Headlamps, 1 10-7/8" flared; 1 10-38" straight $500 ea. Triple loop horn, Les Phares Willogg-Butin, Bruxelles $400 Triple loop nickel plated horn, screen & braided tube $300 Triple loop horn+ screen like Rubes$300 Dbl loop horn+ screen, H & S Silverdale, Birmingham$300 Desmo, Birmingham horn + mtg. bracket$150 Add Shipping. Photos by Email

FS Phare 657 Head Lamps

For Sale 2 Phare # 657 Head Lamps. These are in nice shape. No noticed cracks, good reflectors and lenses. They are not self generating. Approximately 8" diameter body. Call for pictures. $900. Free Chickasha delivery
   Moorehead, MN


pair of like Rushmore headlights, ready to mount . 2 small bumps.1500 firm, shipping double boxed 200 FedX Will refund on shipping. 5 holed bonnets 10 1/2 across face. Will e mail photos to HCCA members. Call Dave at 815 246 4545, Illinois.
Contact: David Kolzow
   Earlville, IL

Early Chalmers (Detroit) catalogues/books

"The 1909 Models" Chalmers Detroit, 10 1/2 x 8, 36 pages, loose binding $40 "Chalmers Motor Cars 1908 to 1912"" 49 pages, perfect $200 Chalmers Motor Cars, 1911, 36 pages, color plates, very, very good $200
   La Jolla, Ca

Marmon model 32 ring and pinion gears

I have one new set of quality made by Industrial Sprockets and Gears at Santa Fe Springs Cal. 3.31 to 1 ring & pinion set for model 32 Marmon. I dont know if they fit other models. was asking $2,000,lowered to $1,500... Take them off my shelf for only $1,000
   Minden, NV

Bosch Magneto Switch

Bosch 2 1 2 magneto switch for 2 spark dual magnetos, 3 1/2" diameter all brass construction, excellent condition original complete with lever. Happy to answer any questions, can supply pictures. Other early Bosch magnetos and switches available.
   Danville, CA

Matched pair of Castle #100 side lights

Matched pair of Castle brass side lights, model #100 , beautiful condition, perfect for the 1908,09,10 brass beauty
   Norwalk, Ohio

FS Horizontal Generator

For Sale. Horizontal Carbide Generator. NOT BRASS. Galvanized tin, looks complete. $600 Call for pictures
   Moorehead, MN

For Sale 1912-1913 Ford Jno. Brown Model 19 Headlight All Brass $600 OBO

Really nice, solid headlight. No cracks in outside ring. Small dents and minor cracks in body. Nothing major. Repro reflector & clamps. Original burner assembly complete. Ready to use, or mint it out! Hinge is on right side looking at the front. Shipping extra. Glass is not cracked. Photos on request

Sold on HCCA.org

   Woodstock, Ontario Canada

Peter Helck Etching

Peter Helck etching of a Panhard of De Crawchez's passing a wrecked Georges-Richard car. Signed and limited 22/500. Print is about 12”x9. Matted and framed about 16”x18 overall. Email for pictures. Asking $500
   Mahwah, NJ

Curved Dash Oldsmobile Parts

Pair Neverout brass bale sidelamps off a curved dash Oldsmobile. Also have the horn. Brass large warner autometer with clock. Pair Solarclipse brass bale headlamps. Dictograph limousine intercom.
   Northbrook, IL

27" blackwall tires, (4) 36 x 4.5 Lincoln Blackwalls. Excellent tread $500

27" blackwall tires, (4) 36 x 4.5 Lincoln Blackwalls. Excellent tread $500.00 plus shipping. West Chester PA.
   West Chester, PA

3 Tier E&J Brass Side Lamps

1 pair with square front glass in very good condition $1,000
1 pair with round front glass in excellent condition $1,200
Text or e-mail for pictures
   W. Bloomfield, MI

White Automobile Hub Cap Wrench

Parts For Sale: Early White automobile or truck Hub Cap Wrench. Six sided box at one end (2 1/2"), and open end 2" on the other end. WHITE engraved on one side, and 886M cast on the other side. Good Condition. $25.00, plus postage. Pictures available on request

Sold on 12-13-2021

   Falls Church, VA

Generators, Magnetos and Carbureators House Cleaning

MAG Bosch Rotary MJA4B Tested MAG Bosch DU4 4 cyl Tested MAG Splitforf 4 cyl parts only housing/bearing failure MAG Remy RFT 4 cyl Pat 1905 rough DIST Delco 8 cyl 1918 Pat CARB Schebler Mod R Updraft no linkage CARB Tillotson 01 missing parts GEN Westinghouse 208R 6V Pat 1914 GEN Gray & Davis #251289 I have photos, further details on all items. Call/text or msg Thnx

1920 Cadillac Parts

I have a bunch of old Cadillac parts from a 1920 touring. Includes an old transmission, two starter/generators, floor pedals, pistons, etc. I have a bunch of pictures. Sold as a lot for $500. Must be picked up in Vermont. Send me you email and I'll forward the photos.
   Dorset, 47

FS Starters, Generators, Dynamos

For Sale. First one has a tag that says Simms Huff. 12 volt. Type HM. Number 219595. I'd say it's a generator. Second Gray Davis. Motor # 3930. Type Y. 6 volt. 100 amp at 2, 800 RPM. I say it's a starter. Third is what I think is a generator but can't read the tag. Approx size is 5x4x7. Pulley driven, pretty much a 5" cube with a round brush cover on back. Email or call
   Moorehead, MN

1913 Overland Windshield

For Sale, what I think is a 1913 Overland Model 69 windshield. Very nice original condition with 1 support rod. Call or email for measurements and pictures. Free Chickasha delivery $400
   Moorehead, MN

Early, Oval, Whitlock Coil Radiator

Oval brass radiator 28” high 24” wide. Original application unknown. Would set the look for a distinctive speedster. Appears to be ca ’05-08, lines are similar to many European cars but is made by Whitlock in Hartford. Front facing tag marked Whitlock Coil Pipe, rear tag US/European patents. With original 6 blade fan. Heavy. $2000 as is, where is. Email for photos.
   Northampton, MA

Air Pump for 1914 Cadillac (and other makes?)

Two cylinders plus expansion chamber (aka 3 cylinder?) standard on 1914 Cadillacs and possibly others. Turn easily by hand, no strange noises or restrictions. Clean, but I'd suggest a thorough cleaning and painting for concours. Asking $800. Email for photos.
   Mount Vernon, WA

Hubley 1930 (?) Duesenberg Unfinished Model For Sale

Back in the 1960's, my brother started a metal Hubley model, and didn't get far. I believe it is a 1930 (?) Duesenberg touring car. It looks complete, but may have pieces missing. Not sure, Sold As Is. Good as a project model, or spare parts. Email for pictures of all the parts I have. $5.00 plus shipping

Sold on 12-12-2021

   Falls Church, VA

F. D. Gould all weather "California" top

Top now mounted on a large (132" WB) 1921 touring car. This top is not desired for car's restoration which is just starting. Top is available to be carefully removed by a new owner under the helpful and close supervision of the current owner.
   Saint Louis, MO

White Wall Tires

I have 6 new white wall tires for sale 34 x 4 1/2 $300 each plus shipping. Shipping weight 25 pounds each Thank You

Sold on HCCA.org

   Nampa, ID

2 beautiful early Waltham firewall clocks for sale

We have 2 very high quality, very early Waltham 8 day dash clocks. Extended bracket mount, these would be wonderful for a very early brass auto of the first decade. One is $450, the other that needs a bit of work, is $250 or we can discount selling the pair. For pics & honest description, email us
   Norwalk, Ohio

3 new and 4 old 36x4-/2” Firestone non-skid tires and 2 flaps for sale

3 new and 4 old 36x4-/2” Firestone non-skid tires and 2 flaps for sale

Click photo for MORE Photos

3 new tires still in wrapping asking $1,000

4 older tires with decent tread asking $400

2 new flaps asking $30

Shipping from Ketchum, Idaho will be quoted based on the destination.

Sold on 5/7/2022

   Ketchum, ID

Vintage Women's Clothing

Vacaville, CA Estate Sale Extensive wardrobe of Dresses and related articles of HCCA member Inez Olson. Inez was very active in Tours in the Western States and dressed the part. The Olson 1912 Marmon won First Place in Class at the 1971 Pebble Beach Concours d'Eleglance: Nov 12-14
   Marco Island, FL

28" (36 x 4) whitewall tires for sale

28" (36 x 4) Lester whitewall tires, brand new, still in wrappers. 6 brand new tires. 800.00 FOB West Chester PA.
   West Chester, PA

1912 Oakland Motor, Radiator, and Shell For Sale

Complete 1912? Oakland motor for sale with radiator and shell. For details and photos contact:

Sold on 11-23-2021

   San Jose, CA

Bosch DU4 Magneto

Bosch DU4 Magneto

Click photo for MORE Photos

Bosch Magneto Type DU4 Dual Mod 2 Patent Date Oct 17, 1905 for sale in excellent condition.

Used in both 2 cylinder and 4 cylinder early cars. has the impulse feature and driven by coupler or gear.

Asking price Now $350.  Call for details and more photos. Sorry, i do not text

   Birchwood, WI

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